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Total Knee Replacement aka, TKR

Six months after my visit to Cincinnati, to see Dr Noyes, I had my total knee replacement in January of 2005. This was a big decision to make and not taken lightly. During that 6 mos period, I did extensive research on the internet for information regarding TKRs. I looked thru many medical journal articles ( such as on PUB-MED and Medscape),...

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Patella baja, infrapatellar contracture syndrome and arthrofibrosis after intramedullary nailing

Arthrofibrosis is a terrible, terrible, unrelenting condition.

I've had arthrofibrosis since Sept 2000. It started with a broken leg in Aug 2000, and lack of knowledge on arthrofibrosis in ALL levels of the medical community. I broke my...

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Patellofemoral Jointspace Replacement.... or not

The debate, for surgeons and patients, continues.  Is it really better to do a partial knee replacement or jump right into a...

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What In The World Is A Fabella ?

Those were my words, when I was told I had a Fabella bone in my knee.

A Fabella bone is an extra sesamoid bone, located laterally, behind the knee. Only about 10% of the population has a Fabella bone. It is embeded at the head of the Gastrocnemius...

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Need Flexion ? Get ERMI !

What A Great Machine !

I think the ERMI flexionator is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  If you need help with post op flexion, then this machine can help you. It sure helped me. After undergoing...

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The articular cartilage repair rehabilitation story

How did a UK physiotherapist working in sports medicine who five years ago had never even heard of half of the available articular cartilage repair procedures end up working with some of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the cutting-edge area of articular cartilage repair? Where to start? As the white rabbit told Alice in - 'Alice in Wonderland' - "I've always found it's helpful to start at the beginning." So that is where I'm going to start - at the beginning!

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Lessons I have learned about arthrofibrosis

One of the first lessons I learned about Arthrofibrosis:

KNOWLEDGE - Learn as much about this condition as you can possibly find. Your knowledge on Arthrofibrosis will provide you with the information needed to make the correct decisions regarding your medical care....