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Time for Reflection

   I sit here early in the am and wonder why life seems to push boundaries that one may not have. Life to me is my knee, sad but true. It's been almost a year since falling on my knee, and it's still not fixed. I know a year is nothing compared to many people who suffer from knee ailments of one type or the other. But to me, a year is way too long. As we grow older, a year taken away is a year lost.

   My first surgery was a...

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Tibial derotational osteotomy

It was back in March 2000 when I first saw a very well respected knee surgeon who carried out a thorough examination of my knees.  On examination he found that I had very obvious and severe external...

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My physio had never even heard of ACI!

I am constantly amazed by some of the experiences that people tell me they go through when they go to see their physio after they have had articular cartilage repair. A couple of classics that I come across way too frequently are -

When I told my physio that I had...

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Articular cartilage defects - the extent of the problem

It wasn't until I found myself in the position of being a prospective patient for articular cartilage repair that I decided to do a bit of reading around the area. Now you may think that as I am a fully qualified chartered...

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RSD- when evil in my life started

RSD, when that evil arrived to my life I thought life was over. Everything started about 10 years ago with just slipping on ice and twisting my knee. No fall or something like that. That was the beginning of the journey of numerous exams, surgeries,...

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Scar Tissue Causing Nerve Entrapment and Compression

Scar tissue can be an insidious fiend.

I've been dealing with scar tissue/arthrofibrosis for 7 yrs. I've had it grow on just about every structure, in my knee. Among the many structures, scar tissue made it's way, to one of my nerves. The...