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RSD-the last resource in treatment

After 1 month with epidural and then back on painmeds that didn't do anything more then making me high I was set to go to the other hospital for to get my Spinal morphine pump inserted. Hell was that I needed to shower twice without my Immobilizier. They had to be 3 persons to help me shower to get me somewhat comfortable. I got injections before and after the showers. I don't think I ever have cried and lost my breathe so many times like I did now. An ambulance came and picked me up early. 2 nice young guys making me laugh when the bumps in the road made me cry. So when I...

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Arthrofibrosis - great threads on the bulletin board

A collection of links to particularly interesting conversations on our Community Bulletin Board.

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To live with that possible...??

So there I were...just found out that I have RSD. For you how don't know RSD you can more or less say that is a neurological disorder. Simply experience awful severe pain that shouldn't be there as the injury is healed. That idiot to...

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Pediatric Knee Replacement - Being 30ish and too young for a lifetime of pain

Too young for a lifetime of pain.

I consider you a Pediatric Case." Said the second OS I saw. Sure I wanted a second set of eyes to review my condition. But I didn't expect the next sentence to come out of his mouth. I would only consider doing your...

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Because I can. A year later.

Thursday I had my first of five Supartz injections in my left knee. I am always so stressed out about getting injections this is my second round this year. The injection pain is pretty intense but fades away after a few hours. Far better than having a knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced Dec 2006. It is almost a year since my right knee was replaced. Come to think of it.

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Oh, That Wonderful Ice Machine !

On a lighthearted note, this is a salute to that wonderful piece of durable medical equipment known as, the Ice Machine. Whoever invented this , all I want to say is, THANK YOU.  Gone are the days of ice gel paks and leaky bags filled with ice cubes. Continuous cold therapy is the way to go.

My particular model is the Breg Polar Care 500. This has been a constant companion of mine for many years. I've been through 3 of these machines over the years.  I've used them so much, almost daily, that I burned the...

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How it all started

   I guess I should have given a bio on how this knee crap started. I played tennis all through jr high and high school. That court can tear your knees up, but when you are young, you don't think about the damage you are doing to your body. I would wake up at night with my legs cramping so badly I would cry half the night. As I got older and started my family, my knees settled down, or so I thought. I had a silent enemy that was working overtime, osteoarthrtis was going to town on my knees.

    Last year on Thanksgiving of 06 I had gone to town. My daughter and my husband were in...