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Rehab Diary for Patellar Tendon Lengthening Surgery - Month 1

Below is a consolidation of personal e-mails and KneeGuru posts that were made during my rehab after reconstruction of my patellar tendon by Dr. Noyes. I was suffering from severe...

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How I tape my patella - by Pierluigi Vernetto

Pierluigi vernetto

Today I am going to show you how I tape my patella. This operation is called...

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My spine surgery...and the time after..

So here I were ready to go to emergency spine surgery as soon as there was a OR time free. Time went on and after 24 hours I was getting wheeled up to OR. Outside they discovered that they had forget my allergy against latex and had to put out new instruments. So I had to wait outside OR 45 minutes. Meanwhile a cute nurse had me write down a cucumber recipe to keep me occupied.

With all meds in my body that took time... .

Woke up after and was feeling really sick. No catheterpiece found and lots of pain in back and down in legs. After 4 days at Neuro IVA was...

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fractured patella/ motorbike accident

On Oct.13th whilst taking my CBT motorbike test i came off on an oil spill into a ditch, fracturing my patella, ( surgeon later told me it had exploded! ). After being opperated on that night, having a plate, screws and wires put in place, i was put in full leg plaster. Spent 6 days in hospital and once i was able to shuffle with a zimmer frame i was allowed home, couldnt do...

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Scar Tissue-Nerve Entrapment......A Second time

If you've been following my stories about scar tissue, you will know that I previously had scar tissue compressing the infrapatellar branch of the...

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I am grateful for my knee problems because:

Today I kept thinking about a post on the bulletin board and I do not remember who started the thread. It started out by saying  " I am greatful for my knee problems because" and the post went on to list all these great reasons to take a step back and remember when you are dealt lemons in life to make lemonaid.

I lost my father in October 2007to Esophageal Cancer.    So I just wanted to take a moment today to say I am grateful for my knee problems because I got to spend alot of time at my folks place during...

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Patellar problems

Here's a nice shiny new blog site for me to post about my ailing knees! I have been using livejournal for my blog posts, concerning everything (not just the knees) but at least now here is a place directly specific to my ongoing knee problems. is the place to go if you are interested in reading any of my previous entries. The recent ones are knee-related, to find other blogs on my knees you'd have to delve pretty far, so I will summarise here:

I had this popping pain on my knees for a few years and...