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OMG the pain the pain

Today is a bad day for me.  Everyday is bad but today is horrible.  I have such bad pain, and I cant find anything at all to make it any better.  My lortab is not touching it, ice not touching it elevation, not touching it and staying off of it not touching it. As if the pain isnt bad enough, I changed clothes and notice the swelling was awful too, its usually swollen but it...

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OC allograft or bicompartmental PKR

Man, I am so tired of this knee pain.  I mean it is freaking severe, I take loratab 7.5 q 6 hours and it doesnt seem to help that much ofcorse Ive been on it for about a year, maybe Im getting tolerant to it. Sometimes I have to take 2 at a time I know Im not suppose to but the pain is bad I mean bad.  My new...

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Knee Replacement #2 Under 40 Knee replacement.

I had a good cry today.  Just came home from the OS and while I known -- Have known my left knee was very bad since 2006 the past few months have been a struggle to control the pain. My quality of life has slowly been stolen from me the last few months.   I get up and go to work.. Come home and my left knee is burning with pain all night with an intensity I have known only too well since 2005.  My last round with Supartz...

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MRI Right Knee Result

My MRI Right Knee 27th June 2008

TECHNIQUE: Standard sequences with additional sagittal T2 and axial STIR

FINDINGS: There appears to have been extensive medial...

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TPF - Second Month

The second month after the staples came out was the most difficult, not as painful but loads more foot cramps and aches, this was a combination of over-exercise and not having the leg elevated enough. If you stay on your feet too long when NWB then your foot and kee swells (mine goes purple), do this too long and cramps are a cert which painkillers don't touch. You need to keep the foot and leg elevated above you hip and exercise...

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First four weeks

A couple of days after second surgery the hospital physio's arrived, I was still in a lot of pain and was surprised that that they pushed so fast to get me up and about. I was fitted with a hinged brace, metal bars with lockable hinge joint...

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TPF - run down by a car

The accident?