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Rant Warning ... Rant Warning

I'm frustrated. Angry

On Friday, I was (unofficially) offered my dream job, starting in January.  But because of my knee it is unlikely that I can accept.  I am so tired of not being able to do this or that because of my knee.  Also, my pain level has been elevated the past few days. 

I see the...

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MRI was this morning Cheesy

Doc can't seen me again until July 16 Undecided

But maybe thats a good thing... a lot of patients must like him...

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Catch Up

Ok, here is my history.  I'm 20 years old.  I have long been working towards a career in law enforcement, something that requires working knees...  I would also love to get back to ice staking and swimming.

February 9, 2006

Fell skiing, knee twisted.  Pain when got home; iced.

March 22, 2006

Dr. 1, ...

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Sleepless, in North Carolina

Ok lets try this again, just lost everything I was writing somehow.Its 247am and I cant freaking sleep for nothing. My knee hurts so bad, I just took another norco, and its not working.  Man I cant wait til April 20 to get this OATS done. I know I will be in post op pain but at least I know there will be...

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Well I usually work third shift at a hospital for the mentally ill.  Yesterday I had to work first and OMG.  My knee was and is still freaking killing me. I mean it always hurts, but wow.  I go back to the OS Thursday, she is suppose to tell me when my surgery will be.  I can hardly wait.  THe prospect of finally being to live my life and be painfree is absoluteley euphoric to me.  Well short and sweet. Had to vent.

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rupture of medial colliataral ligament

Hi injured my knee skiing 2 months ago getting phisio now twice a week by 2 different physios one is so positive the other keeps telling me how bad my injury is (negative) I asked the other day how long more will i need to wear my neo -prene brace which also has hinged metal at sides answer OH for a very very long time do you realise you have nothing to support your knee!! I left so...

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OS thinks I may be able to get away with OATS instead of allograft

Well My OS called me back today and told me she has looked at the pics from my last scope and she thinks that if the defect hasnt increased in size too much she will be able to do the...