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Stir crazy

Still going stir crazy.  I miss working....I think my mind is gone.  I think Ive got cabin flu or something like that....ok Ive stopped freaking out....Im good now.  Going out with a friend for lunch today so that will get me out of the house.  Been having alot more pain the last few days.  This is day 5 of rain off and on. We havent had rain in MONTHS so havent had to deal with a knee injury and rain.  Its hurtin bad.  Its...

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Having referred to this site for the last 2 years and read through all the comments, blogs and advice given on this site, I have finally decided to write my own blog.

I have seen all episodes of the inbetweeners, read two dan brown books, seen 3 really bad films, and was thinking of seeing 24 (I must be the only person who has never seen it before)

I am 2nd day post my ACL operation (...

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Well woke up in an irritated mood.  I think the stress of all this is wearing on me and those I live with.  The main thing is Im tired of waiting, Im tired of my knee coming out, Im tired of not being able to do much.  Im used to being active and I spend my whole day now on the computer or on the couch with either heat or ice on my knee.  It keeps subluxating and it kinda feels weird/painful when the...

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Round 2

Well Im staring this journal and now I have something to write about. I will try to keep this updated. A little about me, Im a 26yo/female, live in the south and yes its been HOT!!

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Just another day...

Two weeks until my next ortho appointment...

My knee is still really tight; not great ROM...  The muscles around my knee are also still spasing at night and in the mornings.
Sore, crunchy, icing several times a day........
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Post-Cortisone Update

Just a brief update:
-about 30 degrees ROM
-still bruised
-still swollen
-hurts all the time, but really bad at night
-hurts by the medial meniscus... this worries...

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OS Appointment

Well, I saw the OS today.  He said the MRI didn't get great images, but were enough that he didn't see any problem with the...