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I saw my PT yesterday for the first time in 2 months. He sat down with me for 90 minutes, getting a baseline for my strength, pain level, and giving me more tools to use in my rehab. I simply had no clue how much a strength deficit impacts the normal functioning of your knee. I'm not dumb, it's just that for sooo long the emphasis was on the fact that I couldn't bend my leg that I thought getting rid of that scar tissue...

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I am quite frustrated because I have been having so much trouble rehabbing my knee after the release of my scar tissue last year. I know I am still quite weak, but it just kills me that I am still in pain after almost a year out from the surgery. I can bend, but I still get stiffness and stabbing pains under the patella. Dr. Noyes said we could wait 5-10 years before...

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My Arthrofibrosis Story

My name is Lisa and I have suffered the agony of arthrofibrosis. I decided to start this blog for several reasons. 1) Because I have to give the Reader's Digest condensed version whenever someone inquires as to why I am walking with a cane.  2) I tire of hearing that I should be grateful because so and so has a...