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How it all started

   I guess I should have given a bio on how this knee crap started. I played tennis all through jr high and high school. That court can tear your knees up, but when you are young, you don't think about the damage you are doing to your body. I would wake up at night with my legs cramping so badly I would cry half the night. As I got older and started my family, my knees settled down, or so I thought. I had a silent enemy that was working overtime, osteoarthrtis was going to town on my knees.

    Last year on Thanksgiving of 06 I had gone to town. My daughter and my husband were in...

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Time for Reflection

   I sit here early in the am and wonder why life seems to push boundaries that one may not have. Life to me is my knee, sad but true. It's been almost a year since falling on my knee, and it's still not fixed. I know a year is nothing compared to many people who suffer from knee ailments of one type or the other. But to me, a year is way too long. As we grow older, a year taken away is a year lost.

   My first surgery was a...