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My physio had never even heard of ACI!

I am constantly amazed by some of the experiences that people tell me they go through when they go to see their physio after they have had articular cartilage repair. A couple of classics that I come across way too frequently are -

When I told my physio that I had...

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Articular cartilage defects - the extent of the problem

It wasn't until I found myself in the position of being a prospective patient for articular cartilage repair that I decided to do a bit of reading around the area. Now you may think that as I am a fully qualified chartered...

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The articular cartilage repair rehabilitation story

How did a UK physiotherapist working in sports medicine who five years ago had never even heard of half of the available articular cartilage repair procedures end up working with some of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the cutting-edge area of articular cartilage repair? Where to start? As the white rabbit told Alice in - 'Alice in Wonderland' - "I've always found it's helpful to start at the beginning." So that is where I'm going to start - at the beginning!