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Author Topic: Multiple surgeries-acl&pcl,now pat. tendon tea  (Read 715 times)

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Multiple surgeries-acl&pcl,now pat. tendon tea
« on: September 27, 2004, 03:08:07 PM »
It all started in june of 93. I had my R acl explode during a martial arts tournament. Had it repaired using the patellar tendon as a graft. The femoral screw (94)came out and lodged itself into the pcl. Had it repaired using left patellar tendon for graft. Many surgeries to clean up scar tissue and broken off pieces of arthritis that would get lodged in the joint. Meniscus was also torn in june 93 and was repaired at time of pcl recon in 95.
I just had an arthroscopic surgery about 3.5 weeks ago and there was extensive scar tissue and arthrtis which was cleaned up. The scar tissue was so bad I was told the docs could not get the scopes in and had to remove some scar tissue first to proceed.
Ok, about 1.5-2 weeks ago my tibia started hurting real bad. I noticed a bump just under the incision which is medial to the patella at the point where the tendon would attach to the tibia or slightly above it. (was a paramedic for 8 yrs so kinda understand some of this).
It hurts to lift it, bend it, straighten it and definately stand or walk on it. I feel like I am doing worse now than I was in the first week after surgery. I didnt use the crutches except for wear bearing assistance and was walking on the R knee immediately after surgery ( with the crutches, but the leg was not being lifted off the ground). I had a psuedomonis infection after my pcl graft so I have been scared beyond belief for the past 1.5-2 weeks from this. I am not running a fever and the bump goes from hard to less hard and the knee is remaining swollen even if iced. I am worried it is a patellar tendon rupture at this point and was hoping someone would tell me if this is what it sounds like.
The knee cap seems only slightly higher than normal but there is a definate pain just about the knee cap as if it is trying to push its way up a bit. The tibia has ached since the day I first had my acl repaired back in 93. But its a constant pain now since this surgery 3.5 weeks ago.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I am thinking I really need to go see my OS, who by the way is the head of the sports med dept at UIC. My understanding is I need a new knee and he wants me to wait as long as I can because of my age. Only other option is to fuse the leg straight and never be able to bend it again. Not fun for a 35 yr old mother of 3 and married to a sexy, younger aussy ya know?