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Author Topic: Doctor told me to just ignore my knees clicking!  (Read 949 times)

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Doctor told me to just ignore my knees clicking!
« on: September 23, 2004, 10:29:27 PM »
I really hope that someone can help me understand a little more as to what's up with my knees, my right mostly.
I've always had clicky knees, when I crouch down usually. That didn't really worry me although it does aggrevate me, but very recently my right knee has started clicking when I go up and down the stairs, when I lean over...and sometimes when I'm walking normally too or turn round. They ache a little sometimes and I also get the odd sharp pain in different places around my knee which isn't excrutiating but it's uncomfortable.
I went to the doctors yesterday and he looked at my knees, bending them and moving them from side to side...they didn't click once. He told me to just ignore the clicking as it's really nothing to worry about but that I should start taking a course of iboprofen for the aching. To be honest, I want a second opinion. It's all very well him saying to just ignore the clicking, but it's limiting the way I walk a lot now cos it's uncomfortable. When I use the stairs I try very hard to walk them without my knee kinda clicks in and out when I walk them normally. I'm also worried that the more they click, the more they're wearing away.
Please help...I'm really worried!

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Re: Doctor told me to just ignore my knees clickin
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2004, 04:57:44 AM »
When do you get the sharp pain?  And where do you usually feel it at?  My knees have always cracked and grinded when I bend them, but 6 months ago for no reason the left one started hurting behind the kneecap, and the pain was pretty sharp.  The pain just worsened so I had surgery to try and relieve the kneecap from rubbing against the femur (unfortunatly it didn't work!).  However, occasionally my right knee gets a bit achey, and sometimes Ill feel a slight pain in the kneecap, but a little ice, rest and ibprofen clears it right up.  So even though both knees click the same, the left one is a problem, but the right one is not.  Good luck and take care.
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Re: Doctor told me to just ignore my knees clickin
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2004, 06:23:36 AM »
I hear ya!

[Just replied to "clicking knees" message before yours, so if you go to that it's a little more involved]

I will say, your right docs, PT's , etc. don't seem to realize how un nerving it can be. Wondering "if every step is destroying your knee".  Good news is it probably really isn't as bad as your fear allows you to imagine. [ I know, it petrified me as well for some time!]

The irony is, and for me it was the hard part, the best way to  help the clicking, is low impact quad strengthening. I say the "hard part" because your knee will prob. click as your doing them. The problem is if you favor your legs out of fear it makes the situation worse.

Talk to a good sports PT. Usually they can give you home exercises to work on.

good luck  ....  it's not all in your head   : )