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Author Topic: TTT Recovery  (Read 16591 times)

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TTT Recovery
« on: September 23, 2004, 03:32:31 AM »
Having a TTT seems to be a common experience on this board and it also seems every recovery is a little different. Since questions on TTT recovery constantly come up, I was thinking we ought to consolidate some experiences with it into one thread. (There's like 6million already) I am curious about the differences!

Date of TTT: 8/31/04

Type of TTT: Fulkerson

Additional Procedures: LR

Which knee: Right

Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Botsford Hospital, Farmington MI USA

Medication: Vicodens/Antibiotics - every 6 hrs for 1 week

Brace: DONJOY IROM. Brace free as of week 8.

Flexion: 0 degrees for first three weeks; 20 degrees weeks 4-6, upped to 40 at 6 wk post-op visit, gained 10 degrees each day after till I had 90 5 days later.

Weightbearing: partial as soon as possible post-op (day 4/5); full weightbearing w/crutches week 2-3; fwb no crutches week 3.5-8, back on one crutch week 9-? due to inflammation

PT: started at week 8, 3x a wk for 6 weeks.

Reason for surgery: genetic patellar malalignment, lateral tilt, lateral overhang, multiple subluxations, RK Q-angle pre-op 25, tendonitis. Conservative treatment has failed repeatedly.

Pain issues: no pain issues after day 3

Bruises: bruising like a peach till week 5

Swelling: knee and ankle for week one, all disappeared in week 2; swelling reappear at week 9 after PT began and brace removed

Best home treatment: elevation and ice of knee and ankle directly; eating popsicles!

Out of work: 1 week, went back for one 6 days, back off for another 8 days

Stitches or staples: stitches removed 8 days post-op

Dressings: removed 3 days post-op including compression sock, never put sock back on (couldn't)

Happy with results: so far so good! No complaints or doubts about having surgery. Looking forward to hiking next summer and kicking a soccer ball around!

Lifesaver: shower seat, breakaway pants and my mom!
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RK TTT (Fulkerson) & LR - 8/31/04
RK - genetic PF maltracking, chronic patellar tendinitis
RK - Q-angle was 25, post-op= 15

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2004, 09:32:11 PM »
I sometimes forget I had a TTT still I will take part in this.

Date of TTT: 8/21/02

Type of TTT: Fulkerson/maquet

Additional Procedures: LR + MR

Which knee: Left

Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient

General/Spinal/Other: Spinal  without sedation

Where: Belgium

OS: My boss ;D ;)  

Medication: Paracetamol

Brace: none, was in cast for 3 weeks, after that nothing

Flexion: 0 degrees for first three weeks,  full ROM within 5 weeks post-op

Weightbearing: PWB with crutches from day 0; FWB without crutches week 3

PT: started 3weeks post-op, 3x week for 3 weeks (9x)

Reason for surgery: Patellofemoral dysplasia, lateral tilt, maltracking disorder, chondromalacia III/IV, failed conservative treatment

Pain issues: pain?? What's that? Never went above 4 on a 1-10 scale ;)

Bruises: Black, blue and yellow from knee to ankle ::)

Swelling: Major swelling for 4 weeks in knee and ankle, now continuous fluid in knee (not bothering me but not good :-/)

Best home treatment: My discman, TV and the sun ;D

Out of work: 11 weeks :o HOW LONG!! Wasn't able to get a light duty job >:(

Stitches or staples: 16 staples, 1/2 removed 8 days post-op, other 1/2 removed 21 days post-op

Dressings: changed day 1, day 8 and day 21

Happy with results: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Lifesaver: My OS ;)

Bilat patellar malalignment/PFdysplasia
00/06/83 L wrist #
11/12/00 L knee LR + chondroplasty
21/08/02 L knee TTT
02/03/04 L knee stretched PCL
11/09/07 L ankle dislocation/medial avulsion #
25/05/09 L ankle medial avulsion # AGAIN!
05/06/13 R ankle dislocation

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2004, 10:45:51 PM »
Date of TTT: 8/11/03
Type of TTT: Honestly, I have no idea.  One screw only, along with a new medial ligament!
Additional Procedures: patella medial ligament reconstruction.
Which knee:right
Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient  
General/Spinal/Other: Spinal  and general
Where: Michigan
OS: Generally I don't post names, but he's on the who's who list.  And rightfully so.
Medication: Vicodin - still having lots of pain awaiting next TTT.
Brace: first week, crutches and brace, 2nd week just the brace, third week just crutches and fourth week crutches only when going out so I wouldn't fall
Flexion: Full ROM by Christmas - no formal PT.
Weightbearing: FWB immediately as tolerated but was careful and used crutches so I wouldn't fall.

PT: All by myself!  

Reason for surgery: Chronic dislocations/patellar pain.
Pain issues: First couple of weeks were hard.  Had "surgical pain" for about 4-5 months where the new ligament was put in.  Now, I just have the arthritic pain - which was expected.  The LEFT knee, however, is now another story.
Bruises: OS used a drain - MINIMAL bruising!  My original surgeries were another story, however.  Lots of brusing that took a full year each time to go away.

Swelling: Not much swelling because there wasn't much bleeding.  Ice every hour or two for 10-20 minutes took care of whatever swelling there was.
Best home treatment: My family was great to me.  Got home in time for the BIG BLACK OUT last summer.  It was hotter than heck!  An air conditioner would have been nice at that time!  Other than that, I enjoyed lots of cool drinks and got hooked on NYPD Blue reruns.  Having older kids rules - they go upstairs/downstairs to play fetch.  This time, everyone is back to school (husband too - he teaches) so I'll be on my own a lot sooner.    
Out of work: 11 weeks  and that was because I asked for an additional two weeks partly because I drive a lot and the long-distance drives were hard and partly because I had family visiting from England.  I think ten weeks would have really been sufficient.  My OS is very nice.  

Stitches or staples: 2 really big stitches and 1 small stitch that all dissolved.  One at the TTT site and one where the new ligament was put in and one where the drain was at.  
Dressings: None.  

Happy with results: You betcha!
Lifesaver: My family, friends and my couch.



1982 - R patella tendon transversal
1983 - L patella tendon transversal
2003 - R TTT and patella medial ligament   reconstruction
2004 - L TTT and PMLR

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2004, 05:20:42 PM »
Date of TTT: 01.14.04 - left;  06.09.04 - right;

Type of TTT: Elmslie

Additional Procedures: LR, kneecap shaving & joint cleanout

Which knee: Right and left

Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Indianapolis

Medication: oxycodon, hydrocodon then ultracet

Brace: immobilizer brace for first 48 hrs each leg till femoral nerve block wore off.

Flexion: Left:  0 degrees off the bat,   got to 110-120 within 2 weeks of surgery and had full ROM bye 4 weeks from surgery.   Right:  almost same as left except that it took me 4 weeks or so to get full extension.

Weightbearing: full weight-bearing as tolerated since day of surgery; crutches for about 10 days each knee.

PT: Left knee did 10 PT visits starting 2 weeks after surgery;  right knee did 41 visits starting 7 days after surgery and going for 15 weeks.

Reason for surgery: genetic patellar malalignment, severe chondromalsia and pain in joint.

Pain issues: femoral nerve block helped but severe pain when it wore off for about 5 days.   weaned off oxycodon and hydrocodon by 2 weeks after surgery and weaned off ultracet gradually... i only take it or alieve as needed for pain.

Bruises: with both surgeries i had wonderful bruses on my thing and calfs.

Swelling: my knee and ankles swelled a bit but with religious ice and elevation,   it wasnt' too bad.

Best home treatment: being waited on my my mommy :D

Out of work: i was out of work for 13 business days with each surgery.  I was driving 3 weeks after each surgery

Stitches or staples: Left knee - stitches, most of which were dissolvable.  Right knee - skin glue and 1 removable stitch.

Dressings: just a bit of gauze and the ted stockings.

Happy with results: my knees are much better than before surgery regarding the pain i was having and the difficulties i had doing basic stuff like standing up or going up/down stairs.  I still have minor knee surgery pains sometimes but they will fade over time.  

Lifesaver: Shower hose,  exercise pants with snaps up the legs,  wireless laptop and the tv remote :D

Left Knee - Modified Elmslie TTT with a lateral release and patella shaving - January 14, 2004
Right Knee - same surgery - June 9, 2004

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2004, 07:44:53 PM »
Great idea, Melissa!

Date of TTT: 8/20/04

Type of TTT: Fulkerson

Additional Procedures: LR & Scope

Which knee: Right  

Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient

General/Spinal/Other: General with Femoral Block

Where: Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL USA

OS: Seth Gasser, MD, Florida Orthopaedic Institute  

Medication: Vicodin, Percocet, Ambien, and Vioxx

Brace: DONJOY IROM (hate it, too!)

Flexion: 0 degrees for first week, 20 degrees second week, 70 degrees 3rd week, 100 degrees 4th week, and 130 degrees 6th week.

Weightbearing: Partial (post-op) and FWB 5th week.

PT: Started at home 2nd week.  Started E-STIM 3X week yesterday.  Also CPM ROM machine at home 1 week post-op.

Reason for surgery: Chondromalacia, PFS, patellar tilt, failed LR.

Pain issues: Only week 3!

Bruises: Post-op- entire lower leg was purple and football sized bruise on outer thigh.  None now!

Swelling: Foot and ankle for nearly a month, knee swelling is finally almost gone!

Best home treatment: Polar Care 300, chocolate, massage, ankle pumps, and heel slides!

Out of work: 3 MONTHS!  (I am military, so my doctor doesn't want them to destroy me!)

Stitches or staples: Stitches- removed week 2.

Dressings: 3 weeks, including compression sock.  Helped swelling.

Happy with results: Optimistic!  Knee already feels better than before surgery!  Patella actually sits on track!  Recovery takes forever, but I feel great!  

Lifesaver: My hubby, two wonderful OSes, great friends, Polar Care 300, chocolate, wireless laptop, and Kneegeeks (so I know I am not alone!)

Chris  :)
Lateral Release- Left Knee (Feb 2001)
Lateral Release- Right Knee (April 2001)
Fulkerson's TTO, Lateral Release, & Scope- Right Knee (20 Aug 2004)

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2004, 06:24:20 PM »
Date of TTT: 7/27/04  
Type of TTT: Fulkerson  
Additional Procedures: LR & Scope
Which knee: Left
Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient
General/Spinal/Other: General with Femoral Block
Where: South Jersey
OS: He's with the Cooper Bone & Joint Inst., Vorhees, NJ(I'm not sure he'd want his name posted)
Medication: Vicodin, Percocet
Brace: TROM full leg brace with knee hinge, in locked position for 3 weeks
Flexion: 0-3rd week: bending not an option, 4th week: 5-65 degrees, 9th week: almost 0-110 degrees
Weightbearing: Partial (post-op) up to Week 7. Full then on, or at least I'm told.   :)
PT: Started Week 4, 3x week
Reason for surgery: genetic patellar malalignment

Pain issues: (On a 1-10 scale) Week 1: 5, Week 2-5: 3, Week 6-9: 0-2, mostly 0 or 1
Bruises: none that were visible through the brace. I'm sure there was something, but I didn't want to look.
Swelling: Knee was a ball for about 5 weeks, at week 9 swelling was down but not gone
Best home treatment: Ice Man! cooler full of drinks and food on one side and TV table with supplies on the other, big comfortable lounge chair.

Out of work: 5 weeks, but I think I went back two weeks to early
Stitches or staples: Stitches- removed week 2.  
Dressings: 3 weeks, steri-strips left on until they fell off
Happy with results: So far, so good. I would like to see more progress in my ROM
Lifesaver: endless supply of books, an incredible husband, a great therapist, and good friends

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Fulkerson Osteotomy/Lateral Release/

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2004, 04:48:37 AM »
Date of TTT: 3/31/04

Type of TTT: Fulkerson

Additional Procedures: none

Which knee: Left  

Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient, home same day

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Southern Ocean County Hospital, Manahawkin NJ  USA

OS: William Kennard OS  

Medication: Ibuprophin  800mg 4x per day or as was needed

Brace: Ordinary Imobilizer 6 vecrow straps that would never stay tight. Within 3 steps it would be down at my ankles. Had to walk while holding it up

Flexion: using CPM Machine 0-40 degrees first day and added 5 degrees each day, started adding 10 degrees perday till I hit the max the machine. I had full flexsion in about 2-3 weeks manually without the CPM Machine

Weightbearing: No weight bearing from 0-7 days post op. Full weight bearing from 7 days post - 6 weeks post with imobilizer. After that the imobilizer went in the garbage. Full weight baring from then on with no imobilizer. Life was getting backto normal.

PT: 2-3 days post op. CPM Machine and started trying leg lifts. Was able to lift leg around 7 days post op. Finished using CPM machine aroung 3 weeks post op. From 3 weeks on did 200 leg lifts 4x a day No other formal PT ordered by OS as long as I held to the leg lift schedule he gave me. He said he would be able to tell if I was lying so I did what he said.

Reason for surgery: I can't pronounce or spell it but it was called Chrondmalatia? and degeneration of the patello-femeral joint.

Pain issues: I got an infection at the operative site so I was in some form of pain till around 10 days post. Mainly the "blood rush" that was the worst but it was tolerable.

Bruises: No brusing left, and hardly any scar

Swelling: knee and ankle for week one, all disappeared in week 2. Now I have a small knot where the bone was moved and screwed to.

Best home treatment: elevation and the cryotherapy unit. Being waited on hand and foot was a plus too ;D

Out of work: 8 weeks Surgery on Wed 3/31/04, back to work Thurs 6/3/04 full duty, no restrictions.

Stitches or staples: 13 stitches removed about 14 days post op. They stayed in longer due to the infection slowed the healing of the incision

Dressings: Changed every day for 7 days then just let it air after that

Happy with results: so far so good! No complaints or doubts about having surgery. I have a weather vein now. When the rains a commin I know about 8 hours before it comes but that's the only real problem I have. Other than that I feel the operation was a success.

Lifesaver: TV Land having a Green Acers weekend marathon, The wife being patient with my being helpless for a few days and my moodiness during the recovery period.  The kids behaving somewhat helped and having my computer in the bedroom.  

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12/2003 scope left knee
03/2004 fulkerson, left knee
02/2005 Scope left knee,
05/2005 Patello-Femeral Replacement Lt Knee
10/2006 Scope,  Lateral Release, Scar tissue debriment
03/19/2007 Left TKR,

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #7 on: October 19, 2004, 03:41:01 AM »
Date of TTT: 09/09/04

Type of TTT: Fulkerson

Additional Procedures: LR and medial reefing

Which knee: left

Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Children's Hospital, Boston

OS: Don't think he'd like me to post his name

Medications: Percocet days 1-3, tylenol w/ codeine after that

Brace: Donjoy TROM

Flexion: 30 deg. week 1, 70 deg. week 2, and after that i took the method that they dont reccomend, i fell down the stairs and regained all of my ROM (had to sit in the ER for 6 hours, though)

Weightbearing: NWB for 6 weeks, FWB after that

PT: 2 weeks-7 months post-op (would have been shorter but struggled with non-diagnosed RSD for awhile)

Reason for surgery: genetic malalignment, multiple dislocations

Pain issues: little pain after day 4

Bruises: pretty bad for the first week, went away slowly after that

Swelling: minimal

Best home treatment: AirCast Cryocuff

Out of school: 2 weeks

Stitches or Staples: Stitches removed 10 days post-op

Dressings: removed 3 days post-op

Happy with Results: struggled with RSD, but no more dislocations/subluxations!!

Lifesaver: my mom, my great PT, and the CryoCuff
01/03-LR (left); 09/03-TTT, medial reefing, plica excision, LR (left); 02/04-screws out; 11/04-TTT, LR, medial reefing, plica excision, etc. (right); 08/05-screws out (right) to reveal a fracture in the tuberosity
Also have severe RSD, EDS, and soo many allergies

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #8 on: October 19, 2004, 05:41:15 PM »
I'll try not to put anyone off!!! I'm currently 5 and a half weeks post op.

Date of TTT: 10th September 04

Type of TTT: Elmslie-Trillat

Additional Procedures: Lateral Release

Which Knee: Right

Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient (4 days)

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge UK

Medication: Day 1-4 Paracetamol, Tramadol (Ultram), Morphine, Oramorph, IV anti-nausea drugs.

Day 5-14 Paracetamol, Tramadol and anti-nausea drug beginning with letter 'P'!

Brace: Non-Donjoy full leg 1-14 days, shorter 2/3 length non-donjoy 2weeks post op til present time. Should be splint free in three weeks!

Flexion: Only 20 degrees approx so far

Weightbearing: Full with crutches from day 2 (with significant pain relief)! Full wb'ing without crutches but with splint 10 days post op- except when out of the house. Currently trying out wb'ing without splint but with crutches around the lounge!

PT: To start 7 and a half weeks post op

Reason for surgery: Recurrent atraumatic subluxations and dislocations, shelf-life of last L/R expired! Need improved stability to reduce deterioration in 'good' knee and for work (Forensic Occupational Therapist).

Pain issues- Only the fact that nurses kept forgetting doses or giving them too late!!!! Pain worst for the first week or so!

Brusing: Black bruises around ankle and along each side of foot, has now virtually disappeared. Also, large bruise on inside of other leg from OS kindly leaning on it during surgery with a bit too much enthusiasm!!!!

Swelling: Ankle/foot swelling bad for first 2 weeks, had to go to accident and emergency dept 10 days post op for DVT blood test and doppler ultrasound!Still have significant knee swelling.

Best Home Treatment: Pets, Twister Ice Lolly and Marmite on a spoon-mmmm!

Out of work- Likely to be out of work between 9-12 weeks post op.

Stitches or stapples: Dissolvable stitches!

Dressings- I was left to my own devices on this one, I finally removed them myself about four weeks post op!

Happy with results- Too early to say but hopefully things will pick up after pt starts. Can't wait to get that horrible screw out next year though!

Lifesaver: My gorgeous man and the cat, rabbits and guinea-pigs of course!!!!

23yrs.Recurrent atraumatic R-knee dislocations since age of 11. L/R aged 15yrs. Elmslie Trillat TTT & 2nd L/R 10/9/04!Left knee also problematic, increasing pain/subluxations.

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #9 on: November 06, 2004, 02:31:32 PM »
Thank you so much for the condensed info! I'm scheduled for a Fulkerson on Dec 3 and am in dire need of reassurance.  
4/96 - sports accident involving LK
6/96- LK scope and "chondromalacia", patellar chondroplasty,
ongoing- bilateral PFS, osteoarthritis, patella alta
12/04- LK LR and TTT
03/25/05 - LK scar tissue removal, patellar chondroplasty, and limited synovectomy for extreme synovitis

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #10 on: November 08, 2004, 10:35:38 PM »
 :)New to this site and board as of today...Have a question for any of you who have had TTT's (any type).  Has anyone had any problems with nerve sensitivity in the foot of the operated leg?  What are your experiences as far as overall leg strength or fatigue following the TTT, LR, and similar?  I had a Modified Maquet, TTT, LR, Chondroplasty, Synovectomy, Menisectomy, 3 screws, 4 mos. NWB, no ROM devices, 4 mos. PT, 1 week inpatient, at 6 mos. hardware removal (top screw was a pain....) Doing very well, but was a long haul.  Still have overall weakness, at times, and fatigued feeling in my leg.  NO knee pain, however, thankfully.  Just feels kinda different....?  anyone with similar experiences?  Had surgery in Austin, TX.  Wonderful OS!!!  I was a good patient, and he and staff very supportive and informative.  He seems to differ in opinion about weight bearing, however.  He absolutely does not recommend weight bearing for at least 8-12 weeks with a graft as large as mine was.  Now, I can understand why.  Hope to read some of your responses.  Thanks!  Good luck too.  Most people I know that haven't been through this, don't have a clue how debilitating this CAN be.
Forgot:  HX of multiple childhood injuries---dislocations, and apparent fractures that were undiagnosed. Adult injuries, most recent leading to surgery:  new dislocation, 2 fx's, and torn meniscus....
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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #11 on: May 19, 2005, 01:30:18 AM »
Date of TTT: February 25, 2005

Type of TTT: Fulkerson

Additional Procedures: debridement and lateral release

Which knee: right 

Inpatient/Outpatient: Outpatient

General/Spinal/Other: spinal

Where: ND

Medication: oxycodon, then switched to vicodin
Brace: don-joy TROM...locked for two weeks, then as much flexon as i wanted

Flexion: 0 degrees and in locked brace for two weeks, unlocked afterwards
Weightbearing: partial as soon as possible post-op. Started weaning off the crutches at 6 days

PT: started 6 wks post op....still going! :P

Reason for surgery: lateral tracking, malalignment, constant subluxations

Pain issues: none really, that is until the spinal wore out!  got it under control tho

Bruises: barely any

Swelling: again, barely any

Best home treatment: Icing and elevating, pillows, tear away pants, and my parents

Out of work: i was outta school for about 5 days

Stitches or staples: steri strips

Dressings: steri strips and ace bandage

Happy with results: very much so! 

Lifesaver: my parents, hockey coaches, and team mates

~thats my story and im sticking with it!! :P~
21 yrs old
12/04: plica removal (RK)
2/05: debridement, LR/TTT (RK)
6/05: debridement, LR/TTT (LK)
10/05: scar tissue removal/debridement (LK)
3/06: screw removal (both knees), debridement on TTT site (LK)
5/08: debridement, HTO, Maquet procedure (LK)

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Re: TTT Recovery
« Reply #12 on: August 02, 2006, 06:24:07 AM »
I was bored and was browsing posts and came across this one...What a great thread! I can't believe it died off  ???
But I am bored and want to re-start it  ;D

Date of TTT: 07/20/2006

Type of TTT: Fulkerson/Maquet

Additional Procedures: Partial medial and lateral meniscectomy,Tibial osteotomy proximal bone graft,Fulkerson-Maquet oblique transverse medial displacing osteotomy,Knee arthrotomy,Chondroplasty

Which knee: Left

Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient for pain control

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Bay Park Hospital in Oregon,Ohio (2 minutes outside of Toledo)

Medication: Pain Pump for the 1st 2 days,Morphine & Oxycontin in the hospital,Percocet for the 1st 2 days at home,Vicodin,Vicodin ES & Tylenol 3 (Not all at once!!! haha)

Brace: None! (long story!)

Flexion: Still at 0...I am only 12 days post op

Weightbearing: FWB straight off...Then put on PWB after a fight with the OS's office! (another long story!)

PT: Haven't started yet but I am under the impression I will be starting next week at 3 weeks post op

Reason for surgery: Congenital birth defect of trochlear groove,Malalignment,Multiple dislocations & subluxations,Failed LR 2 years prior

Pain issues: I was released from the hospital only to end up back at emergency 45 minutes later screaming and begging for pain relief...I never hurt so bad in my life...My pain pump was blocked! After they got the pump unblocked and my pain back under control I was hurting at maybe a 6-7 for the 1st 2 days...Then it slowly started tapering off...Now I am mostly pain free in the morning and most of the day...Still at around 4-5 at night...But I am having horrible ankle pain at the moment...Guessing from being FWB and stressing it too much...

Bruises: Horrible bruising all over my lower thigh in the back and all over my calf and shin and ankles and front and back of knee...Fading away now at 12 days post op...All around ankle is still very black today and knee is fading but still almost black...

Swelling: Knee,most of lower leg and ankle for about 9 days...Now at 12 days post op knee is still pretty large and still have a lot of ankle swelling...

Best home treatment: RICE! Rest,Ice,Compression and Elevation and of course staying on top of the pain with pain meds...Lots of rest and help from family and friends!

Out of work: Not sure how long I will be off but I work in a factory doing very strenuous work on my feet,bending,lifting,twisting and carrying heavy objects for 8 hours so my OS has already said it will definately be longer than 6 weeks...But other than that I have no clue how long I will be off...

Stitches or staples: Staples...62 of them!!! Had 20 removed at 11 days post-op and am scheduled to have the other 42 removed at 18 days post-op...

Dressings: non-stick pads and ace wrap

Happy with results: Still way too soon to tell...

Lifesaver: My son!!! He has been so great (he is only 7 but he has been the greatest big brother and helps with his baby brother tremendously!)...My mom...My fiance...My aunt...And my baby (he is only 10 months old so he isn't big enough to help Mommy but he brightens my day!)
26 y/o
7/2004-L Knee LR,Plica Removed,Scar Tissue Removed,Crack in Kneecap,Shallow Femoral Groove,Deep Fissuring and Fraying of Kneecap
7/2006-Fulkerson-Maquet TTT,Partial medial and lateral meniscectomy,Tibial osteotomy proximal bone graft,Chondroplasty,Debridement
2/2007- Hardware Removal

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Re: TTT Recovery
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ok so even though im only 5 days post op my TTT, LR, and medial reefing but im bored and decided to fill this out anyways :)

Date of TTT: 8/29/06

Type of TTT: Fulkerson/

Additional Procedures: lateral release and medial reefing

Which knee: Left (right one gets to be done in the spring. yippie)

Inpatient/Outpatient: night

General/Spinal/Other: General

Where: Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMCC) in Bangor, ME

Medication:  ok i have no idea how to spell any of these drugs so..femoral nerve block (lasted 24 hours), morphine, percaset, valium, and benydrl (reaction to morphine) in the hospital, then percaset at home..2 every four hours. stopped at day 4 because they made me SO SICK

Brace: immoblizer for the first two weeks, post op ROM hinged brace after that for 6-8 weeks

Flexion: zero haha. not allowed to take the immoblizer off for the first two weeks

Weightbearing: crutches for at least four weeks, partial weight baring as tolerated from day 1. i was also given a wheelchair :o OS never said anything about this but im not complaining because my right knee (the one that wasnt operated on) dislocates as well so getting around a lot on crutches would be tough

PT: havent started yet, ill start two weeks post op

Reason for surgery: tons of dislocations and subluxations, tracking disorder, PFS, failed conservative treatment

Pain issues: the nerve block was like heaven. my knee was pretty much numb the first day but my ankle was hurting pretty bad in the hospital. PT made me get out of bed and walk with crutches day 2 which was absolute torture. i have a pretty high pain tolerance and tears were streaming down my face. and then i had to ride home with my leg down the whole time. at that time the block was worn off haha. after i got my leg up and the icing machine on it the pain isnt to bad. the blood rushes were pretty bad at first but they arent so bad now

Bruises: i couldnt tell you haha. my OS wont let me take off the dressing and immoblizer until two weeks post op but my ankle isnt bruised

Swelling: i cant see i just said..but my foot is alittle swollen, as well as my lower leg

Best home treatment: REST REST REST. keeping my leg up, 24-7 icing with the cyro-cuff machine, and compression have worked wonders for the swelling and pain. a comfortable place to sit haha because at least in my experience i havent been doing much moving. stuff to fight the boredom. friends and family to help you out

Out of work: not work, school. two weeks at least, possibly more

Stitches or staples: stitches i not exactly sure but i believe they will be removed at two weeks post op

Dressings: oh my word my whole leg is wrapped in stuff haha. a lot of guaze cotton type of stuff, then a few ace bandage things. did i mention i cant see my leg for TWO WEEKS >:(

Happy with results: um wayyy to soon to tell

Lifesaver: my family and friends. they have been so great helping me out and trying to keep me entertained..the icing machine works wonders and it sure beats bags of ice or gel packs. and the nerve block! haha
15 yrs. old
tons of dislocations and subluxations on both knees
TTT/LR/medial reefing on left knee- August 29, 2006
TTT/LR/medial reefing on right knee- February 13, 2007

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Re: TTT Recovery
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Umm I've had thee

Date of TTT: 1st 8/16/02, 2nd 8/20/03, 3rd 10/28/05
Type of TTT: trillat
Additional Procedures: First two LR third VMO advancement

Which knee: 2 on the left one on the right
Inpatient/Outpatient: Inpatient 
General/Spinal/Other: general
Where: Boston first two were in Childrens hospital and the third was in newton wellsley
OS: miceli and mitchell
Medication: hydromorphone
Brace: bledsoe ROM brace
Flexion: first two dont exactlly remember but it took a while and the third one I had full flexion at about two-three monthes
Weightbearing: weight bearing as tolerated from day one

PT: as soon as the stitches came out

Reason for surgery: first two chronic patella dislocations and patella tilt despite conservitive treatment 3rd first ttt failed on my left knee and still experianceing chornic patella dislocations
Pain issues: Pain for really only the first two-three weeks and then soreness for a while
Bruises:  yes a lot

Swelling: yes a lot and i still have little pockets of fluid next to the incisions but they don't bother me
Best home treatment: I had  a CPM for two of the surgeries but besides that bed ice tv friends and family
Out of work: two of the surgeries i had 2 weeks before i went back to school and the third one i missed two weeks a after that a few classes here and there

Stitches or staples: stitches
Dressings: gauze and an ace wrap or two for the first two i had a drain with one of them the third one i had a lot of gause and a few ace wrap that went all the way down my leg and foot for compression witha drain

Happy with results: first two not at all third yes i know i need another one on my right leg but don't want to so i don't want to tell my doctor yet
Lifesaver: my bed friends family and the second OS i met
R LR 2/02
R TTT/LR 8/02
L LR 1/03
R hardware removal 7/03
L TTT/LR 8/03
L hardware removeal 6/04
L VMO realignment 6/05
L TTT/VMO revision 10/05
R VMO advancement 4/06
L hardware removed 7/06
R VMO recon 9/06
L VMO recon 7/07
L MPFL recon w/ hamstring autograft 3/14/08
EDS type 3