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Author Topic: 6 months  (Read 1110 times)

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6 months
« on: September 19, 2004, 02:40:52 AM »
i may get a lot of feed back from any doctors who read these, but i have been in the medical business for years and i have a different opinion about having a shattered patella.
i shattered mine on st. patricks day and i have pins and the figure 8 wire. i was in a full leg cast for 2 months. my surgery was at 9 a.m. and by 9 p.m. i was up with my i.v. machine walking around.
my surgery was on a friday and i was back at work the following friday after 5 days in the hospital. i now work on my feet and it was hard to stand on my feet for 8 hours. my only gripe was my ankle swelling.
i went back to my dr. only to get my cast and staples removed. i have done pt on my own.
i am at 50% because of the porch swing. this sounds crazy, but i swing with my bad leg on the floor and let the swing bend my knee. i have controll of how far it bends and every day im making progress.
i did medical coding for years and i do know about the medical business. i was soured by my dr. because he wouldnt replace my patella with plastic. he said i was to young. i know that eventually it will have to be replaced with plastic and i decided to do this by myself and wait on the future so that i can go back to the same ortho. and prove to him that he should have done what i asked him to do.
i was so happy to find this site because like most of you i know no one with this condition. i was shocked to find all these people that had so much pain when i had very little.
its a matter of time before my pins and wire have to be removed, but i have controll of what happens after that. i would rather walk with a limp then keep giving them business when all it is is a business.
with the knowledge that i have i refuse to keep giving my dr. a reason to "try" to put me through unnecessary pt and suffering. i know that people have to make a living, but this living is to much trouble for unsuspecting patients.
believe me when i say that drs. are very important to human kind and they have spent a lot of years studing and schooling to get the role of god, but im not falling for it any more.
all im trying to say is if you feel that you are doing unnecessary crap and are getting a run around then tell your dr. only you know what you feel inside your body and what you can and cant take.
use a swing.