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Author Topic: Knee Op Due In Two Weeks But My Knee IS Playing Up  (Read 643 times)

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Knee Op Due In Two Weeks But My Knee IS Playing Up
« on: September 12, 2004, 05:31:03 AM »
 :o Oh No! I have my knee op comming up in two weeks (Tues 28th Sept) athroscophy to see what is going on in my knee. I have a suspected cruciate ligament injury. But i have a problem. I was watching Casualty (yeah i know the irony of this  ::)) when i turned awkardly and my knee went on me. It only takes a click for this to happen. Mow my ligament is playing up. I can walk but it is a bit sore. I am hopeful that it will heal in a few days, but if it does not will this set back my op?

Can anyone give me advice on what i should expect in my op? The surgeon said he would have a look round and bring me back in for another op to repair any damage. However in my pre op medical the nurse advised that any damage would be repaired there and then. She also advised that i would be off work for about two weeks to allow time for my knee to heal. Will it hurt much?

Getting more nervous now as the op draws nearer. I laugh it off at work, but now i am feeling more apprehensive about what will happen :(

Advice please!!!!!!
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Re: Knee Op Due In Two Weeks But My Knee IS Playin
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2004, 04:15:35 PM »
Bagpuss, this comes hot off the press - I had arthroscopy this week - Tuesday - for very similar reasons to you - following ski accident back in Feb. Op done on the NHS in the UK. I think things are sometimes done a little differently in the US, so here's the UK version!

The worst bit was the waiting around - the op itself was easy peasy and it really did not hurt afterwards. I was able to walk out of the hospital just fine, and spent the next day having a spring clean at home...

I was scheduled to arrive at 12.30 pm - after a light breakfast and a small drink before 11. (I made mine a big small drink - it being a hot day..). At the day surgery unit I was taken to my bay on the ward - I had a trolley, a chair and some curtains to pull round, and the wall. The ward was totally empty bar two old women who were comatose. I read, I explored the loos, I read some more, I tried out the trolley. I had a chat with one of the now revived old ladies who turned out to be a year older than me - yikes....The other old lady started being sick, and carried on being sick for the next two hours, just a curtain away. yuk...

At 2.30 my os came to see me - he was dead nice and reassuring - tho scared me stiff by filling me in on what they might do (please no) and marked a big arrow on my leg. At some  stage the anaethetist came to visit and the nurse checked me out.

Carried on reading - getting more and more fidgetty. At 4.15 was finally told to get into the op garb - a gown, paper knickers, ditch the watch and contact lenses.

I walked into the anaestheic room - my os was in there too - and he stayed with me whilst they put me out. Anaethetist was a bit of a joker and made little jokes as he fed the various things into the back of my hand...

And the next thing I knew was my os was telling me what he'd done - he said my acl was fine, and the he'd debrided the mcl and meniscus and cleaned up the femur. he said I wouldn't remember this, but I absolutely do. he also told me that he'd leave my op notes by my bed - and he did.

After that I slept and slept and slept - some point they took me back to the ward. My knee did not hurt at all. really. At some point someone brought some tea, which I didn't drink. then a glass of water (ditto) then a sandwich (ditto). Then they said "home time" so had to get up then - was amazed that yes I could stand up, and could walk, and could get dressed and could walk out to the car - and went home and had a stir fry for supper and watched telly, and got out a bin bag and took a bath (easier than a shower).

As I said, the next day I spring cleaned and felt guilty about not going into work. I should add that the day after that I keeled feeling totally rubbish and slept for nearly 48 hours. I guess that's the after effects of the anaesthetic (?)

Shall go back to work tomorrow - no prob driving - have an appointment to see my os in about 10 days time. Stopped taking the pain meds on Thursday (I think).

So, you see - nothing to worry about. Good luck, and hope that yours, like mine, doesn't show up anything too serious!  cgski