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Author Topic: Why do some LR's fail and others work?!  (Read 2253 times)

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Why do some LR's fail and others work?!
« on: August 03, 2002, 11:41:20 PM »
I've noticed a lot of you who have had LR's had deemed them as not having helped you with your pain. Indeed this was the case with my first two.

This LR I had a month ago has really helped my knee pain (virtually zero pain apart from pain after PT and after long walking), but my first LR's were so awful that I spent 5 days in hospital with both and ended up having more surgery on the left knee because of a haemarthorosis.

I don't know whether this LR has helped because of having previous LR's or having a better surgeon and a better technique for cutting (first two were done with blade and this one was done with a laser cauteriser) or what or even being older and more mature growth wise (had first lot aged 16).

What mystifies me is they have been the same op but so different results.

Would like to hear your LR stories good or not as trying to write an article to get published.