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Author Topic: Fulkerson's Yale Roomate Did my TTT  (Read 896 times)

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Fulkerson's Yale Roomate Did my TTT
« on: September 01, 2004, 02:31:35 AM »
Fulkerson's Med-School roommate at Yale did my TTT about 5 Weeks ago. I had a LR about a year ago and it didnt make the pain of stairs, jumping, running and playing go away. I have been unable to return to Professional Soccer since. I have had two OS tell me that I will not play at that level again, but I will still be able to play. The hardest part is PT. I can only force it so much, with fear of pop'n out the screws (which my OS recessed flush with the surface of the T. bone and will not need to be removed) I have always faced problems with a positive outcome and believed that I could do what Drs said I couldnt. But after 5 Weeks of PT, I can barely bend it to 60 degrees and I it hurts to do any kind of extending exercises. It feels as if the Patella is grinding again. The PT says that this is normal and that it takes time to train the Patella to go some place new. Has anyone experianced this sort of slow progress and pain? The PT says Its exceptional, but who knows. I've enjoyed reading other's Post and it gives me hope. However, not being able to kneel like some people scares me.
God Bless