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Author Topic: Help! ongoing knee injury!!!!  (Read 814 times)

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Help! ongoing knee injury!!!!
« on: August 25, 2004, 04:21:08 PM »
I'm new to the board and would really appreciate your help!

Prior to injury I was very healthy, exercising 5/6 times a week and a half marathon runner.

8 months ago i fell on my knee straight away the knee began to swell and bruise. I was given crutches and reffered to a O.S whom carried out blood tests for arthritis and a mri scan, blood tests were negative but scan indicated damage on outside of knee and quad. I was put in plaster for 4weeks for a suspected dislocation of patella. This made no difference to my condition and the swelling and pain etc continued. A ruptured quad was also mentioned. (Have also had fluid drained 3 times and 3 steriod injections)

Intensive P.T was then used but stopped a few weeks later as any use of the leg was creating excessive swelling. Another (six months after initial injury) mri scan should damage etc as before, so i had an arthroscopy and biopsy. Some floating tissue was removed and a lump was found in my quad this was removed and tested - negative!

I have now been sent back to intensive P.T, yet still no improvements! The swelling of my knee remains excessive and with movement increases further. No one seems to be able to explain the swelling! 8 months on I remain on crutches.

So my symptoms are: swelling of the knee, general aching of the joint, regular shooting pains around the area, pins and needles in conjunction with muscle spasms around the lower quad.
I am unable to walk without pain and the knee regularly "giving way", movement is varied; bending the knee is difficult and am not always able to lift leg whilst straight.

Has anyone experienced similar or have any ideas? :(

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Re: Help! ongoing knee injury!!!!
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2004, 09:17:31 PM »
it sounds like part of your problem may be weakness in the quad that progressed since your injury, with an inability to successfully restore strength because of ongoing problems from your injury.  do you have the mri report?  damage to the outside of the knee is a pretty vague way to describe what must have showed up as specifc injuries to specific tissue.  i had a dislocation of the kneecap which led to tearing of medial retinaculum, quad tendon and VMO (one of the quad muscles).  first two drs disagreed about whether surgery was necessary.  3rd and 4th said i needed surgery to repair torn tissue and restore stability to the knee so I wouldn't have ongoing problems.  it was 4 weeks between injury and surgery, and another 4 weeks between surgery and commencement of rehab, so i had a long way to go to restore motion and strength.  I too had a large amount of swelling that was not going away pre-surgery, and only slowly reduced after surgery.  i would go see another orthpedic surgeon if I were you since your current dr. does not seem to have you on track for recovery.