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Author Topic: 1st surgery ever lft knee arthro. with OATS  (Read 1893 times)

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1st surgery ever lft knee arthro. with OATS
« on: August 21, 2004, 12:19:01 AM »
:-/ :'( ???

Please help...I am having surgery, Outpatient this upcoming friday. I fell and this is how it work....

I am having arthroscopy in left knee and OATS also. I am nervous and scared of what it will be like. Having general anesthesia and it is outpatient...

They are giving me a morphine pump at home and a cryotherapy thing on my knee that plugs in to keep it cold and hoping painfree or less pain. I am concerned about meds to ask about for after the surgery I don't and cannt handle pain much..

pleae help I am terrified :)

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8-27-04 OATS Procedure
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