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Author Topic: Patella Fracture Recovery in 2 Months  (Read 2164 times)

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    • Patella Fracture Diary
Patella Fracture Recovery in 2 Months
« on: August 16, 2004, 07:54:09 AM »
Here's my diary:

My guide to a fast recovery to knee surgery (it worked extremely well for me, but I think my body can build muscle faster, and lose hair, faster than others):

A. Go to physical therapy as soon as you can, even if it is just for a chat. For every week you delay this, your recovery will be delayed by a month.
B.  Get that damn splint off as fast as you can (excuse my choice of emphasis)!  If your doctor says you need a cast, get a second opinion.  You injured your knee, not your quadriceps, and yet full recovery is 20% knee and 80% quadriceps.  When your splint is on, your quadriceps is weakening and recovery time increasing.
C.  Squelch your fears with a barrage of questions to your physical therapist.
D.  Experiment, experiment, experiment!  Recovery is a sequence of goals.  Every one is frightening&#8230; until you try to do it.  You often find it is much safer and easier than you fear.  My goals went something like:
1. get off pain killers
2. driving
3. remove TED pantyhose
4. weight bear on bad leg
5. flex quad
6. standing lift leg higher and higher
7. laying lift leg sideways
8. sitting bent leg lift
9. stop wearing splint
10. full body weight on bad leg
11. walking without crutches keeping bad leg stiff
12. elliptical trainer
13. Walking while bending bad leg
14. walking up stairs
15. walking down stairs
16. straight leg lifts in a pool
17. straight leg lifts while laying
18. walking up stair while bending knee
19. walking down stairs while bending knee
20. walking without limping
21. jogging
22. running
23. full squats
24. jogging with uniform strides
25. sports?  Tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball
E. Don&#8217;t take the easy way out until you&#8217;ve made an honest effort do it the normal way.  Don&#8217;t park in the handicap spots.  Get your own lunch.  Get your own mail.
6/13/04: Broke patella playing soccer
6/17: Surgery, 2 pins & figure 8 wire
6/30: Start PT, 36deg ROM
7/3:  No immobilizer, 40 deg ROM
7/15:  No crutches, 94deg ROM
8/9: Stop PT, 140 deg ROM
4/9:  Hardware removal.

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Re: Patella Fracture Recovery in 2 Months
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2004, 06:13:19 PM »
Wow, your recovery is amazing! I am 2 months post op and my ROM  is still 95 degrees! What did you do to make your ROM improve so fast? I am doing lunges, walking up and down stairs and hours of bending exercises. Any advice from you would be really appreciated because I have to reach 120 degrees (at least) before the end of the month. (My boss is getting impatient and wants me back at work on 1 Sept.)
Torn ligaments due to dislocation
Fractured retropatella (back of kneecap)