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Author Topic: R A  (Read 2209 times)

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« on: August 06, 2004, 11:12:43 PM »
hi again i was wondering if anyone had any info on herbal remedies for R A mainly for feet. Have tried looking up info but i must seem a bit thick not aving much luck ???. Mind u something for must joints would also help.
Would like to hear from anyone who has tried Enbrel.Tried it myself for 6 months had to come off because the side effects are worse the R A it self. Would like to know if other medication was tried after.

                     hope to hear soon confused Whale.

                                       ORCA :-/

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Re: R A
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2004, 01:28:51 AM »
There are several books out there that deal with auto-immune diseases and inflammatory conditions.  The one book off the top of my head that deals with diet and fibromyalgia is also supposed to be applicable for lupus and RA.  It's called the Fibromyalgia diet.  You can get it at

You may also want to go to and go to the RA section of the web page.  There are all kinds of alternative and traditional therapies for your condition.  It also discussed meds like Enbrel and others.

Most of the diet advice for your condition and other auto-immune diseases focuses on anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, especially Omega 3&6 capsules, linseed & flax oils, etc.  They recommend a lot of fish (red fish like salmon and tuna), no caffeine, no chocolate, limited red meat, lots of raw fruits and vegetables, etc.  It's essentially a very healthy, whole foods diet.  You can find similar food lists and recipes/recommendations in the South Beach Diet book.

Hope this information helps.  Definitely go to and look up 'arthritis diet' and 'fibromyalgia diet' and lupus & nutrition, etc.  Play with the keywords.  You can do the same thing at and find papers, research, and web pages.

I have a good friend with severe Epstein Barr syndrome (the so-called Yuppie disease) and mononucleosis who controls her attacks by nutrition.  The first thing she did was cut out all processed sugar, processed foods, and wheat.  She swears by this method, but it did nothing for my osteoarthritis.  That's not to say it won't work; my problem is mechanical, not auto-immune related.

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