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Author Topic: no regrowth of patellar tendon after ACL recon  (Read 1444 times)

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no regrowth of patellar tendon after ACL recon
« on: July 29, 2004, 02:41:22 AM »
Hi.  I had ACL reconstruction surgery 14 months ago--the graft is fine and my new ACL feels great, BUT...the harvest site (patellar tendon) is giving me problems.  I guess the tendon is supposed to regrow to some degree, but it hasn't at all--I still have divets where the bone was cut and there is still a gap in the area where the middle third of my patellar tendon was taken out (so, basically it is like having two smaller patellar tendons, rather than one regular-sized one).  I experience the most pain in the area where the bone chip was taken out, but the whole patellar tendon area will hurts when I do anything that requires impact (running).  I also experience pain in that region when moving from being seated to standing and vice versa.  I'm am an otherwise healthy, active, 27 yo female, so I'm trying to understand what went wrong with my recovery and why my tendon has not regenerated at all.  Any ideas?  Any suggestions for where to look for more information?