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Author Topic: Minor Miracle  (Read 1998 times)

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Minor Miracle
« on: July 15, 2004, 10:30:27 PM »
I am 53 and have osteoarthritis in both lateral compartments of my knees.  Basically I have 90% meniscus gone and articular cartilage missing with bone on bone areas.  I was a very active person participating in tennis, racquetball, jogging, skiing and biking.  The start of my knee problems happened in 1996 with a right knee operation.  With a good left knee I could participate in my sports.  But in 1998, the left knee was operated on and same damage appeared.  I had to forgo skiing and racquetball and limit myself to tennis doubles.  I had to wear 2 unloader braces when playing tennis and could not play 2 days in a row.  Swelling always occurred and icing was normal post tennis routine.  Walking long distances or hiking was out of the question.  My OS and Steadman/Hawkins ( out of Vail,CO) both said the only procedure to help me would be a TKR or PKR.  I did not want to go through those procedures, so I resolved myself to  endure the unloader braces as long as I could.

My wife had always wanted me to see a foot and ankle doctor.  Well I finally went to see one about 2 months ago.  I found out I was walking incorrectly and thus placing abnormal amount of force on the outside of my knees (lateral compartments).  I went to rehab to correct my walking.  The first session he gave me 2 exercises to do.  In 2 short days I played tennis without my braces and did not require icing afterwards.  My mobility was substanially better.   After more rehab and exercises, in a week I started to play singles again.  I have gone to  9 rehab sessions and I have absolutely no pain when I play tennis.  Basically my ankles were not flexible enough to distribute the forces evenly up through my knees and through my quads.   I am looking forward to this winter as I am sure I can ski again.  BTW
I am not getting the TKR or PKR.