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Author Topic: help - surgery on Tuesday 6 July  (Read 1865 times)

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help - surgery on Tuesday 6 July
« on: July 05, 2004, 12:03:45 AM »

I am 29 years old and due to have surgery on Tuesday 6 July and need some advice and encouragement.

Heres my history: hypermobile joints, right knee first dislocated when I was 12.  (left knee fine). It dislocated about 15 times before surgery when I was 21 years old.  Surgery tightened ligaments and moved pattelar femoral tendon.  Was a success.

Then in Dec 2003, my golden retriever ran into me and dislocated my knee and broke off the tip of the femoral condyle.  I had surgery to repair the break and was in a brace for 12 weeks.  When it came time to bend my knee in Feb this year, it was stuck!  Very bad scar tissue neccessitated another op to manipulate the joint and cut out the scar tissue.

Now, my kneecap is subluxing every time I bend and straighten my knee.  It looks horrible and jumps right accross quite violently.  My surgeon said he's never seen a case like mine - its quite extreme.

He is going to do an ACL reconstruction (from hamstring) and a lateral release in an attempt to stabilise the knee and stop the subluxing.  I have read a few posts where people say they don't recommend lateral releases?  Why is this?

Do you think the op will help - ie stop the patellar subluxation and any future dislocations?