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Author Topic: Re: Rehab Questions  (Read 834 times)

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Re: Rehab Questions
« on: July 02, 2004, 07:48:55 PM »
Golly, MHB! It sounds like you are doing great and are handling things well. I wish I had something to contribute, but my situation is different. The only thing I can comment on is the ROM. I have been told that I may never get the degree of flexion I had pre-op. My PT told me that is only a problem if I want to kick myself in the butt!  ;D Full extension is the big concern from what I understand.

Good luck and keep in mind that these type of injuries take time. 12 weeks seems like an eternity, but really it's not that long. Keep it up and best wishes!

OA in both knees; patellar dislocation left knee 2/03; LR on left 7/03; PFR w/TTT, left 6/18/04