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Author Topic: My first TTT  (Read 941 times)

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My first TTT
« on: June 26, 2004, 01:28:57 PM »
Dear All
hay I know Ihave been away for a while but I am back now.  I had a whole bunch of assessed practicals, assignments and presentations as well as exams to do.  I had to concentrate on getting that done.  So how are you all?  

I had my TTT tuesday 22nd.
I went in on the Monday night, got very bord, couldn't sleep for ages, finnally fell asleep about 6am to be woken up shortly after.  
The whole day was spent worrying, how much would it hurt etc.  My surgon, anethatist and PT came round to see me in the morning.  They explained everything very clearly to me.  They were great.  
The only thing I wasn't sure I wanted was morphine.  Pain I can deal with, not being compas mentus I could not, so I discussed it with one of the nurses.  She said I should talk to the anisthatist when I got down to theatre.  
3pm came around and it was time to go.  They wheeled me on my bed down to theatre, and I was so nervious I was shaking.  I asked the anethatist if there were any alternatives to morphine.  Which there are!  He said he could give me a nerve block to prevent feeling in my left leg insted.  Which I opted for.
All the staff were great while I was in the little anasthetic room.  The nurse stayed with me the whole time, the pain killer stuff they give you before the sleepy stuff made me relax, and the anathetic didn't even make my face sting as it usually does.  I was out so quickly I didn't even get to the counting bit.  
Two hours later I woke up with a mask on my face very groggy, but no morphine and a numb leg.  I was told to stay in bed  for the rest of the day, but I didn't I borrowed a frame and was trying out what I could do.  I had a cricket pad brace around a shed load of dressing and a drain in to collect the fluid.   
There was very little pain for the first 24 hours as my whole leg was numb.  The next day the physio came to see me.  He issued me with some crutches, showed me how to used them, which was a tad pointless cause I have been on them intermittantly for the lasdt 9mths.  He changed my brace over to this full leg metrix looking thind with lots of buckles and locks and stuff.  He said that once the drain had been ttaken out and I showed him I could do steps that I could  go home.  (a day early!!)  So as I couldn't wait to get back to my kids I said yes please.  I had the drain out which again didn't hurt, did the steps, filled in a mountain of paper work, then went home.  They have issued me with some pain killers, stuff called Kapake (codine and paracetamol) Tramadol, (morphine based analgesic), and ibruprofen (I don't think I need to explaine that one.)  I have managed with just one Kapake and one ibruprofen every six hours.  The one bit of advice I will give is do not leave it longer than six hours like I did yesterday.  day 3 PO and I am happy with the lack of pain I have so I skipped a dose.  This morning I got up and it really really hurt! :o  12 hours with out pain killers is not a good idea this early.  I have to do physio 4 times a day, Ice it four times a day.  I have my first physio appiontment at the hospital on tuesday.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

Take care and I'll write again soon
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