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Author Topic: success?  I'll call it a success...  (Read 2337 times)

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success?  I'll call it a success...
« on: June 17, 2004, 08:35:49 AM »
I've been away from the site for awhile - so hello!  

Two and a half years ago I was bucked off a horse (named Happy ironically) and did complete tears to my ACL/ PCL and PLC - as well as tearing the head of the fibula.  They tried to put everything back together as best as they could, but the surgeon knew more surgery was in order.  I did months of physio and was hoping for the ligament reconstructive surgery within 6 months.  Well, that turned into 10 months, and then I ended up having a high tibial osteotomy instead of going ahead with the reconstruction.  I didn't know that I was slightly bow legged....but the surgeon felt it best to do the HTO prior to the PLC reonstruction.  Anyway....after assurances that the reconstruction would be 3 months after the HTO (now 15 months post accident), the 3 months turned into 6.  A year ago May I finally had the PCL and PLC reconstructions done.  PCL was using an allograft and PLC was using my hamstring tendon.  I'd also re-torn my ACL 3 weeks before the surgery, so am now minus an ACL completely.  

Here I am now 1 year post op from the reconstructions, and 2 1/2 years post injury.  I completed a Sprint Triathlon on May 24th - 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run - which I walked.  I may have come in last place, but for me it was a huge triumph.  My PLC reconstruction has not been successful (due to my weakened fibula and nothing strong to attach the ligament to) the triathlon was done with no ACL and a wobbly PLC.  I am now regularly walking 5 km + without a limp, and have very little pain.  There is no more sugery planned, as I seem to be doing fine with only the PCL and MCL fully operating.  (of course still limited as to what I can do - no twisting, changes of direction, kneeling, running etc.)  What really helped me was to concentrate on what I  CAN do, and not to worry about what I CAN'T do!  I had never considered doing a triathlon before my injury, but was determined to accomplish it this year.  (age 41)  So, with all things considered, I feel I am at the point where my knee is as good as it is ever going to be - and therefore I think it's a SUCCESS!  A good surgeon, good physio and being a good and motivated patient was the key for me.  I know my knee will degenerate from osteo arthritis in time, so I am enjoying what I CAN DO now, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Sorry for the long winded story....but I just had to share with others who understand and who may be wondering what they are going to be able to do 1 year post surgery!  

Thanks for listening and for being there when I was going through all the hard times with this injury,

Jan. '02 - complete tears of the ACL/PCL and PLC - emergency surgery to repair them;  high tibial osteotomy Dec 5 '02; May 22nd 2003 reconstructive PCL (allograft) and PLC (hamstring tendon).  No ACL reconstruction as I retore it 3 weeks prior to surgery.  No ACL/ loose knee but little pain!