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Author Topic: Knee pain after lateral release and realignment  (Read 1437 times)

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Knee pain after lateral release and realignment
« on: October 26, 2002, 08:17:57 AM »
hey everyone! i'm new in here, in fact just found this site tonite. it seems like there is great support here, so i'm here. i have had problems with my knee since 98. & finally had surgery in 2000. i had a bi-lateral tendon release, & stapling over to hold patella in place/track. it never got perfect after that, then i fell in bball & wound up having a scope done in 2001 . there they found a massive amount of scare tissue, rough cartlige, my tendon had gotten tight, so they fixed all that. i ended pt in late winter/early spring this year, & had been doing fine. then i was running in bball & it just up & went out, then i decided to just shoot around & i felt it snap. so i wound up going back to os,  he thinks it's just inflamed & sent me back to pt for 6 weeks. this is my 5 week, & my knee seems even a little worse. i'll be going back to the os b/c he told me if i wasn't better in 6 weeks of pt to come back & he would do an MRI. i am at end with this stuff. i finally gave up basketball. i am wondering now if maybe a cortizone shot might help ease the pain enough at least that i could up my weight in pt, which would eventually help my pain anyway, that is if i haven't torn something. i was wanting some advice on if cortizone shots really work & how painful they are, & just plain out opinions. thanks for listening! dre  

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