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Author Topic: How can Regenexx regrow any cartilage at all?  (Read 56 times)

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How can Regenexx regrow any cartilage at all?
« on: July 26, 2022, 11:35:31 PM »
Dr. Centeno acknowledges that stem cells can't regrow a lot of cartilage:

My question is how can Regenexx stem cells regrow cartilage at all?  Kudos to Centeno for being honest that Regenexx can't regrow cartilage in bone on bone arthritis.

Every clinically proven technology that regrows cartilage operates under the same principle.
The cartilage cells have to be attached to the subchondral bone.

MACI and Novovart attach a cartilage matrix to a clean, subchondral bone.
Dr. Steadman's microfracture pokes holes in the subchondral bone.
Dr. Stone's super microfracture pokes holes as well.

The pattern is clear.  The subchondral bone is key to cartilage or fibrocartilage growth.

Regenexx injects stem cells and PRP into your knee joint.
How can any cartilage grow at all with Regenexx without a clean, subchondral plate to attach to?