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Author Topic: Osteoarthritis is not wear and tear but imbalance of factors degradation/repair  (Read 89 times)

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Most people seem to think that cartilage damage is caused by wear and tear - however that is usually only true for initial damage - but the majority of the problems is related to further wear of a damage.
That is the main reason why some food additives or therapies can work and maybe even reverse a stage 1-2 cartilage damage - or stop degradation of a stage 3 or 4 cartilage damage.

However it is very difficult and most likely also depends on personal factors how one can create a balance that favors repair over degradation. Plus it's clearly not only about food (in general) or food additives - but also a lot about lifestyle and sports. Cartilage is like a sponge and needs to be loaded - but too much (depends on the balance of those factors) and it may break/wear - too little and it will degrade too. So while the main factors are known - it is still hard to create medicine or whatever to change those factors for the better.

Clearly important - do a minimum of 15-20 minutes of sports EVERY day, yes every day. Also on rest days and so on. No excuses. 15-20 minutes of excercise is the minimum your cartilage needs per day. The maximum is harder to find.
And quite likely osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are closer to each other than most people think. The main difference will be the reasons on why it happens but the balance favoring the degradation part of cartilage is very similar.

Good explanation here:

Therefore do not assume that something that works for someone else will work for you - or because it didn't work for someone else it will not work for you either. Especially when it comes to food and food additives.  And yeah - with any kind of arthritis - get your stomach/gastro intestinal tract in order if you have problems there. I had cartilage damage quite a long time - but when I think back then the first time I really got problems was some month after catching giardia lamblia (and not getting proper treatment due to covid lockdowns) which caused me 6-7 weeks of chronic diarrhea. I guess I was in a stable state before - and the giardia may have tipped the balance and then the cartilage damage increased a lot to a point where it could not recover.
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This theory is more in line with Dr Scott Dye's theories about much chronic knee pain.  It is caused by an out of control inflammatory response more than structural damage or muscular weaknesses.  That was certainly the case for me.
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