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Author Topic: Patella fracture complications after MUA  (Read 224 times)

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Patella fracture complications after MUA
« on: March 19, 2022, 12:56:57 PM »
Hi, this is my first post so I'll give you some history . I am a 63 year old female, 5'1", weight all my adult life has been about 105 lbs.  I was diagnosed with osteoporosis Feb./20. I have epilepsy from surgery in /83 and have taken Dilantin ever since, which interferes with absorption of vit. D. I have recently learned that it has the same effect with Oxycontin, which I was prescribed for pain after my surgery and MUA.
May 22/21 I fell on my concrete patio and had a transverse fracture of my patella. I had ORIF surgery on the 25th. I had a full leg splint that was on for 7 weeks. After it was removed I started my physiotherapy  on July 26th. I was doing okay for a few weeks and got to 55-60 flexion, 0 extension, then I stalled. The surgeon suggested a MUA, he booked it for Sept. 14/21
I had the MUA and I was put on a cpm machine for an hour afterwards. I don't know if my experience is unique but if it was a common occurrence, the MUA would be considered about as humane as a lobotomy.
I thought that I woke up in the OR, that the anasthetic didn't work. Then I saw that I was indeed in recovery. The pain medication in my IV wasn't working, the nurse kept on going to check and make sure it was still running. It felt like my leg was getting mangled. I didn't think the torture would ever stop. I would never have that done again so I made sure that wouldn't happen. Four  months later I was able to achieve full flexion again and do SLL with 10 lb. ankle weights. The problem I have is that I still can't walk. I suspect that the MUA is the reason. After, my lower leg was bruised and swollen for weeks. I did my physio differently, couldn't do the heel slide with a strap under my foot, I had to pull my legs with my arms wrapped around them. I couldn't put much weight on my ankle. I had my ankle xrayed the end of Jan./22 with nothing showing so I have an ultrasound booked for Apr.4/22. I have a swollen spot where my AITFL is on my ankle. I have been doing a lot of research about MUAs and ankle instability and the likely conclusion is that I had a Maisonneuve fracture from the MUA. That would certainly explain the pain I experienced on the cpm machine afterwards.
If I'm right  I will need more surgery on my ankle before I can walk.