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Author Topic: 1-year bilateral knee pain  (Read 334 times)

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1-year bilateral knee pain
« on: October 31, 2021, 03:16:05 PM »
Good day !

A little about me before I start. My work evironment envolves alot of going up-down on sets of abrupt stairs (based on my fitbit, around 40 floors going only up per day) and alot of walking (15-20km/day).  But the good thing is that for every 3months of work, I get 3 months vacation. I am 28 y.o with normal weight.

Now, the pain is daily, mainly when resting at night and when I wake up. It's constant and starts with kneecaps and goes down the calf or tibia sometimes. The only thing that stops it is ice, nothing else. Knees are a little warm sometimes and have small bumps under the kneecap. I can run, jump and bend the knees with no issue. The pain begins when I stop the movement.

After visiting a few doctors (neurologist, orthoped and reumatologist) and multiple blood test wich included Rheumatoid Factor, C-Reactive Protein, Iron, sed rate etc. and all were good except a little high colesterol, I was diagnosed with bursitis in both knees after an image scan.

I was given Tendisulfur Forte, some antiinflamatory and a cream for 2 months (my last vacation). Unfortunately those didn't help at all and the pain is still there. Now I am far from home and have this constant pain that worries me and was wondering if anyone can give any advice or share some similar problems hat were fixed.

PS. Sorry for some gramatical issues, English is not my native language.

Thanks !
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