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Author Topic: Patella Fracture 9 Month Post OP  (Read 79 times)

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Patella Fracture 9 Month Post OP
« on: September 22, 2021, 05:16:52 AM »
It has been a long time since I have been on this site and I can assure you when I first broke my knee cap I was here for hours each day scrolling to find someone like me and hopefully get a better idea of what was to come. I wanted to post this to give some of you the post I couldn’t find myself.

I am a 26 year old male that has been active all my life. I have played high school sports and have continued to play rec league sports to this day. On Dec 18, 2020 I got into a snowboarding accident and split my right knee in half 2cm(Transverse Patella Fracture). Of course with covid and the holidays approaching I was forced to wait 12 days for my surgery as it was not deemed critical. During that time my leg had withered away to nothing. My good leg was 22 cm at the time and my bad leg, after the 12 days, was at 17 cm. I couldn’t do anything for myself and was glued to the couch for Christmas….good times. At the time I couldn’t find any information about what to expect for young athletic types of people and was extremely anxious and stressed. I was unable to do leg lifts, which is normal and expected for this injury, but having a dead leg unable to move on its own was terrifying.

After the surgery I was placed in the brace with a leg wrap and had 17 staples at the incision site (I am fairly tall at 6’ 4”) much like everyone else here. When I started PT two weeks later my ROM was at 27° and I was still unable to lift my leg on my own. Again, at this time I didn’t know what was normal and couldn’t figure out what my PT was really going to look like. The tightness feeling in my knee was like nothing I have ever felt before and just didn’t know if it was actually what I was supposed to be experiencing.I was given a timeline of 6 weeks to get my knee to 90° ROM and would be attending PT twice a week to help me in achieving that.

Fast forward to week 6 and I was already at 120 ROM and able to do a full rotation on a bike. I think the biggest thing in getting to that point was working my exercises every day at home. I found that massaging the knee cap and incision three or four times daily with vitamin oil and massaging the muscles around the knee with a massage gun were things that really helped me speed up my recovery. They seemed to break up the scar tissue and loosen up the tightness almost daily. I was able to reach full ROM 8 weeks after surgery.

I am now 9 months post op and would say outside of full on competitive sports and triplane movements I am back to 100%. I can walk and run normally and have very limited discomfort when running. In an average day I have don’t even notice that my knee. The only reason I even truly notice it is because of the misshaped bone that grew back, I believe this is called hererotopic ossification. The biggest thing I am doing now is working on building back the muscle. The doctor expected this to take me a bit longer than normal because of how long I was immobile. I have been able to get my injured leg back to 21 cm and am working it every week to get it back. This is where I notice the most trouble now. My muscle fatigues quickly during strenuous exercise like basketball or football. All of this will conintue to get better as the months go by and I fully anticipate being back on a snowboard come January.

All this to say, if you are young and healthy and did not completely shatter your knee, it will get better. Don’t be afraid and don’t allow yourself to lose sleep. I promise I did enough of that for all of us. Embrace the recovery process and work your butt off to see results. It will happen.

Please feel free to ask any questions you all may have.

Good luck!
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