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Author Topic: Dislocated knee after replacement  (Read 333 times)

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Dislocated knee after replacement
« on: July 29, 2021, 04:35:07 PM »
Non Trauma. I stood up and it dislocated. 
Surgery for total replacement was almost two years ago. Zero
Issues, in fact I was a more than successful recovery with full range of motion. Prior to the dislocation I walked perfectly normal with no assistance.  I have been going to the gym since January, last visit was two weeks ago.  This came out of nowhere.
A few days prior I did have what felt like hip locking that was excruciating for a few minutes until it would release.
Knee popped very loudly into place in the ER while on call orthopedic surgeon was in room with me; after putting me in stabilizer and seeing if I could stand.  Said he'd never seen a non traumatic dislocation in over 30 years. He tried to manipulate it back into place with no luck. Only after standing with stabilizer did it pop in.

Anyone else experience this? I see original surgeon in a couple hours.