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Author Topic: My Arthrofibrosis success story with Dr. Eakin  (Read 1098 times)

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My Arthrofibrosis success story with Dr. Eakin
« on: July 26, 2021, 07:25:04 PM »
I am someone who has suffered from AF in the past and this forum has helped me tremendously in understanding the condition, its causes and the treatments options available. Thank you kneeguru! I would like to describe my highly positive experience with Dr. Colin Eakin in treating AF.

I had a skiing accident in December 2019, and post MRI, was diagnosed with a full ACL tear and medial meniscus tear (bucket handle) in my right knee. I underwent ACLr and meniscus repair surgery in Feb 2020 with an OS of more than 30 years of experience in knee surgeries. Though my extension looked good right out of surgery, I wasnít able to bend past 70 degrees in the first 4 weeks. At the 4th week appointment, my OS diagnosed AF and scheduled a closed MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia). This happened in Apr 2020. After that, I was able to get to 110 degrees of flexion but I started losing my extension. No amount of PT helped improve my range of motion. In Sept 2020, my OS suggested another MUA along with Lysis of Adhesions (scar tissue removal). This procedure improved my extension (which in hindsight, was lost due to the first MUA), but didnít do much to improve my flexion.  At my post op appointment the next day, my OS told me that he couldnít get heel to butt for my leg because my muscles were just ďtoo tightĒ. After hardly giving me time to ask questions, he asked me to go to a more aggressive PT clinic. I did that for a month, but my range of motion didnít really improve and I had no patellar mobility. Regardless, in Oct 2020, my OS told me that all is well and I donít need to visit him anymore. So, he completely gave up on me at this point.

I kept going to the PT clinic, 3 days a week for a total of 3 months. I wanted to be patient as I had heard that it takes time for the flexion to come back. When things didnít improve, I started reading up more about AF and came across this forum. From there, several resources helped me and I found about Dr. Eakin. Fortunately, I live in the Bay area, and I was able to get an appointment with him fairly quickly, in Jan, 2021. When he measured my cold flexion that day, it was about 80 degrees. He ordered a set of X-rays and MRIs and concluded that I had extensive scarring in the fat pad of my knee. Dr. Eakin performed a procedure called Anterior interval release on my knee in Feb 2021. He was able to get 135 degrees of flexion on the OT. For the next 2 months, I kept doing range of motion exercises at home and steadily enough, I reached back to that 135 degrees of flexion with warm up. I was able to climb down stairs comfortably, something I hadnít been doing since my injury. Dr. Eakin graduated me after 3 months and advised me to restart PT to bring the strength back in my legs.  Today, 5 months after my surgery with him (and 1.5 years since my injury), my knee feels almost normal and my cold flexion is close to 130. I still go to PT once a week and I am focusing on getting all the muscle in my quads back. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Eakin for getting me out of the dreadful cycle of Arthrofibrosis and helping me return to my normal life and physical activities. Not only is Dr. Eakin extremely skilled, he is absolutely humble. He and his team took time to explain the treatment, answered all my questions patiently, gave me more time than my previous OS ever had and most importantly, treated me with empathy.

I hope my post helps people in similar situations make the right decision about choosing a health care provider like I ultimately did with Dr. Eakin.