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Author Topic: Tibial Plateau Fracture and Meniscus Tear surgery - ROM Progression  (Read 333 times)

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Hi all,
I suspect topic has been covered in some detail. I wanted to find out if others gained ROM slowly after TPF surgery to a normal range. My wife has some comorbidities that are slowing her down.

Scenario - Wife fell in mid Feb 2021, lateral TPF with meniscus tear. Surgery with plate with 6-7 screws. She has osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare bone disease (mild case) that is prone to fractures (over 20 to date). She is mid 50's, normal weight and practiced pilates and walked before injury. Surgeon prescribed very light ROM only first 2 months due to fracture risk. Her quad is non existent and weak after being NWB for 12 weeks. She is doing PT 2-3x a week now, and in last month started Graston massage. She does home activities daily (lunges, stretching, leg raises, heal slides, slow cycling 15 minutes). She has great extension (-1) and low flexion 107, but she added 7 degrees of flexion in month of June. She is approaching 5 months PO.
She is still using a walker, and just now moved to using a cane during PT - so not really 100% weight bearing. My questions -

- I think her ROM will continue to get better, but it is slower it seems slower for her given how we have performed rehab at a slower pace b/c of her comobidities
- Are there other activities (she started modified chair squats/pull downs in PT) that are great for ROM? She has a device called the gap flex we are using at home.
- Have others added ROM after 5 mo PO with TPF, our goal is to get to 130
- We were in rural FL when her injury occurred and stayed for rehab, and going back home to MN in 3 wks and switching PT, as there is a top notch professional sports group we are going to work with there with a bit more contemporary rehab
- Does anyone think being able to fully weight bear improves ROM gains, such s being being able to perform ADL activities - so we need to focus on strengthening her quads more to foster FWB?
- Any massage techniques to prevent lesions or loosen up knee that was effective for this injury? Did see lymphatic as one option.

Thanks for any insights.