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Author Topic: Two Stage Reconstruction or Total Knee Replacement  (Read 345 times)

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Two Stage Reconstruction or Total Knee Replacement
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:48:37 PM »
Hi everyone, thanks for the add.  I am struggling with some decision making after a biking accident that injured my left knee that had ACL Replacement surgery just 3 years ago. 
MRI Results were a bit surprising as I thought maybe I sprained my ACL but, the following is a synopsis of the primary findings:

Full thickness tear of the ACL allograft at the joint line with fragments remaining in proximal tibial tunnel and exterior to femoral tunnel.  Proximal migration of the interference screw in the tibial tunnel with erosion of the proximal tibial tunnel below the joint line. 

Extensive bone marrow edema in proximal tibial metaphysis and epiphysis extending to articular surface and well as tibiofibular articulation.  Incomplete nondisplaced trabecular fractures in proximal diaphysis, metaphysis and epiphysis of tibia. 

Bi-polar degenerative thinning of articular cartilage in medial and lateral compartments with full thickness bipolar focal articular loss in medial aspect of the lateral compartment.  Grade IV chondromalacia of femoral trochlear cartilage. 

Non-displaced flap tear of body and posterior horn of the medial meniscus. 

Tendonitis with partial thickness intrasubstance tear of the lateral patellar retinaculum.  Tendonitis of the femoral insertion of the popliteus tendon.  Tendonitis patellar origin of the patellar ligament without tear. 

I am 51 and pretty active.  The injury happened mountain biking; I golf, kayak, walk and hike and occassionally ski.  I have been told by 2 surgeons that multiple surgeries would be required and likely a TKR still needed in about 5 years even after ACL/Meniscus repair.  I have a lot of feedback telling me to just go ahead and do the TKR while i have great insurance. 

Would LOVE some opinions!  I have my next appt. on May 17th and need to decide soon as I have a lot of pain when attempting to do daily tasks and am very unstable when trying to walk.  I need to do something.....
Thanks in advance!
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ACL Reconstruction 5/2019
4/2021 ACL Full Thickness Tear, Flap Tear Medial Meniscus, Grade V Chondromalacia of femoral trochlear cartilage