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Author Topic: 10 months post op. Still canít walk properly, back on crutches  (Read 115 times)

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I had a lysis of adhesions (removal of scar tissue) 10 months ago... my recovery has been a nightmare, to say the least. Not only did the surgery not help (I still canít extend my knee all the way when putting weight on it) but Iíve developed a new limp 10 times worse than my previous limp. Previously my limp was almost unnoticeable, I could get around just fine, and I did for 4 years.

The new limp has nothing to do with my extension issue, itís just Iíve seemingly forgotten how to walk. I started walking weird when I first got off crutches 10 months ago. Itís hard to explain but basically Iíd lock my bad leg into extension and stand almost on my toes. You can search  ďequinus gaitĒ on google images and itís pretty similar to that. It was a horrible limp and my good leg started hurting a lot.

Anyway I couldnít shake the limp and was sedentary for 10 months at my parents place. No standing except to ambulate. I finally switched PTs a few weeks ago and he told me to go back on crutches to help my gait.

Itís helping but it still feels like Iíve forgotten how to walk and stand. I try to take weight off my bad leg but even my good leg seems to not know how to work properly. Everything feels unnatural and uncomfortable.

Anyway thanks for reading this wall of text if you did. Have any of you been through something similar?
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