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Author Topic: injured mcl playing tennis 18 months post double knee replacement.  (Read 331 times)

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I am two years post double knee replacement. Went back to doubles tennis and twisted left knee last summer. Continued to play through the fall with some pain while moving laterally.  Never any swelling but acute pain when lateral moves. Also increased stiffness especially when laying on back for more than 45 minutes and then straightening. Went to PT twice per week for 10 weeks. with no decrease in symptoms. PT recommended back to surgeon. He did X-rays and examined my knees. X-rays are perfect. He thought I might have bursitis and recommended continued light exercise, stretching and a sleeve. I got a second opinion from an Orthopedist who also thought X-rays were excellent,, and thought I had MCL sprain and no busts and recommended that I use more serious donjoy brace when playing tennis. I walk and ride stationary bike regularly with no pain, but continue to have significant pain when moving laterally, kicking the blankets off at night or if I stub toe get acute pain in knee which doesn't last long. I am getting frustrated and fear that my doubles tennis may be over. Any suggestions, ideas or thoughts would be appreciated