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Author Topic: Knee locking/catching/popping after ACL reconstruction  (Read 641 times)

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Knee locking/catching/popping after ACL reconstruction
« on: April 03, 2021, 08:04:57 PM »
Hi everyone,

9 weeks ago, I had an ACL reconstruction surgery. Ever since the operation, Iím having a locking/catching sensation inside the knee (below the arthroscopic incisions), when I start to bend my knee from straight position (between 10-20 degrees).

Iím getting a sharp pain in the front half of the knee after which itís very hard to bend the knee further. I can release it by pushing my kneecap down, and then I can even see from the outside how something has moved in my knee, like excess tissue. Once released I can bend my knee almost completely. I have full extension and almost full flexion, and I have already regained some muscle mass. But walking is frustrating.

When Iím walking, Iím feeling a pressure and rubbing in my knee as I step forward (swing leg straight) almost all the time.

Itís completely irregular and I have no control over when it happens. However, Iíve gotten really good at predicting when itís going to happen and trying to avoid it, for example by lowering myself carefully when Iím about to sit. If I move it quickly and donít catch it in time, I can feel a pop and eventually the knee will fall in the right Ďtrackí. Actually, the more pressure I have on my knee in the straight position the more it locks when I start to bend it.

Itís really annoying not being in control of whatís going on inside the knee and not being able to trust it. I already tried with cortisol injection, but it didn't work for me. Otherwise, my knee looks completely normal, not swollen and the MRI didn't show anything, both the ACL graft and the meniscus are intact.

The next step would be to send a camera in to see whatís going on but Iím afraid it will cause further damage.

Has anyone had a similar experience or can offer any advice?

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