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Author Topic: Knee catching  (Read 333 times)

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Knee catching
« on: March 22, 2021, 07:29:34 PM »
So I've been trying to progress towards sitting on my heels and have been lowering myself as deep as possible and pushing back up with my quads for reps everyday. However, I think I have been turning my foot too far inwards to compensate for my lack of planar flexion - which I realise is not a good position to push back up from.

This has gave me some sort of tracking issue in my knee I think. At night I have been working on my extension but as of recently - since I started doing these exercises - I have found that after sitting my heel on a table in front of me for a few minutes whilst sitting down, there is a catching feeling and I need to move it really slowly. Also, when I have managed to bend it past the initial 10 degrees I get a strange kind of stretching sensation below my kneecap as I move it back down to around 90.

Any ideas on what this could be? I got the move from Kneeovertoesguy (who's great btw) on youtube but his feet don't look as if they turn inwards (which I didn't realise). The move is at 2:06 on this video:

If you want to just type it in it is called: Everyone can human knee extension (reverse nordic).