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Author Topic: Bad limp 8 months after arthroscopy/lysis of adhesions  (Read 322 times)

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Bad limp 8 months after arthroscopy/lysis of adhesions
« on: March 10, 2021, 04:54:58 AM »
Hey guys. Ever since my surgery 8 months ago, Iíve adopted this strange gait that I canít seem to get rid of. I was waking normally for the first couple of crutch-free days. But then, I started overthinking my gait. Some of the stiffness that I had before the surgery came back (but not any worse than it had been). So I thought ďthereís no way the stiffness is backĒ and decided it must be the way Iím walking.

So I started walking in this extremely unnatural fashion. Basically I locked my entire limbs into extension, which is not how you walk. I eventually developed extreme discomfort in my good knee. I then realized I should be walking naturally instead of trying to walk in this strange manner.

But I couldnít shake the limp. And itís so abnormal. I started standing on the balls of my feet (especially on my bad leg), leaning forward. Sometimes my heels even lift off the ground when Iím standing.

The physical therapy that I had for 6 months didnít help at all. My PT suggested walking a lot more, which only seems to aggregate the limp. So Iíve been completely sedentary for 8 months at my parents place, not knowing what to do except try a new therapist whom I Iím seeing next week.

Any suggestions? Should I be using crutches or a walker to relearn proper gait? Very frustrated and confused, and Iím a knee surgery veteran (6 surgeries) too. Would greatly appreciate help
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