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Author Topic: Post Op expectations- Partial meniscectomy  (Read 973 times)

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Post Op expectations- Partial meniscectomy
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:10:46 PM »

I am a 48 year old male and had a complex tear of my meniscus in my left knee back in September 2020, after a run outside.

I am fit and well and have been running short distances for around 5 years.

After physio for 2 months, I was sent for an MRI and diagnosed with a complex tear and subsequently had a Partial meniscectomy on December 7th.

I followed the post op rehab exercises daily for 6 weeks and was able to start running short distances again and after a further consultation, my surgeon said my knees were in good shape and I could continue running exactly as I did beforehand.

I've been running daily for a couple of weeks now, and whilst the knee doesnt feel the same as the other one, I can run without any real pain.

My question is around the expectation going forward, my knee still feels slightly awkward going up and down stairs, I recently started doing leg work again at the gym, and squats again feel a little awkward, I get some pain and crepitus in that knee at the very bottom of a squat, but not enough to prevent me doing them, and whilst I appreciate Its only been 10 weeks since surgery, is this awkwardness something I should expect now or will my knee ever feel 100% normal again ?

I wasn't really given any information on this, only that if I could run, then run, as the muscles will recover themselves.

Many Thanks for any help   :)

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Re: Post Op expectations- Partial meniscectomy
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 03:17:07 PM »
Was it the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) meniscus as that can make a difference. Do you know how much meniscus was removed and what bit? Presumably as you don’t mention trauma and given your age it was a degenerate
Do you have any cartilage wear (even if broadly in shape)?

Personally, I’d find a private sports physio to do a full post op assessment of your strength, muscle balance, proprioception and gait. Your knee may never feel completely the same as the biomechanics have been altered and a physio should be able to suggest a rehab protocol that can help you compensate. The muscles won’t just perfect themselves without an assessment and plan. Your brain also needs to adjust to the changed knee!

10 weeks is soon after menisectomy, full recovery will take up to 6 months even longer.

Or go back to the one you saw pre op.
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Re: Post Op expectations- Partial meniscectomy
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2021, 08:47:02 PM »

Thanks for the reply and advice.

It was medial, inner left knee, and yes it was a degenerate tear, there was no sudden movement or trauma that caused it.

He mentioned wear and tear after the MRI, but after I questioned this further, he said nothing to be concerned about and nothing that should make me change my running, and I can carry on as before as my knee was in good shape.

I don't how how much was removed, I did see the pics briefly and it didn't look like a lot, but I'm no expert :)