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Author Topic: Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery  (Read 680 times)

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Re: Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery
« Reply #30 on: March 28, 2021, 08:33:57 AM »
Week Sixteen & Seventeen

During the past 2 weeks I have seen some improvements in my knee. I don't feel like it is quite as good as what it was about a month ago before it flared up but it certainly isn't as bad as the week after it flared up. I really haven't been doing much rehab and am noticing that my legs are getting really quite weak which is a bit concerning.

I got a sports massage a couple of weeks back. I was feeling like the muscles down the side of my leg, both above and below the knee were quite tight and getting sore. I paid AUD $60 for the 30 minute massage. It wasn't too bad, probably won't get another one for a while but this guy was also a physio and was giving me some exercises I could try. I told him it was hard for me to do any kind of quad exercise but he said that I should be trying to focus on any muscle in the legs/glutes that I could work out without it putting pressure on the knee. He got me to do some 'hip thrusts' with about 20kg on my stomach and it felt good. Since then, I have been going to my gym and just trying to work out most if not all my leg muscles. At the moment I can do:

  • Calf raises on the machine with quite a bit of weight
  • Hamstring curls with quite a bit of weight - this one feels a little iffy on the knee
  • That adductor one where you pull in with the groin and can switch it to push out with the hips
  • Quad leg extensions with low weight, but I essentially go from a straight position, bend my knees only about 15 degrees then back up again, any lower and I know ill flare my knee up
  • Pelvic thrusts with about 40kg on my lower stomach for my glutes
  • There is this squat machine thats on a bit of an angle that I seem to be able to do. I do no weight on them but squat down, hold for 10 seconds and then come back up

There seems to be quite a few exercises I can do without flaring the knee up so hopefully a month or two of this and my legs will start to get a lot stronger and help with the injury. Thats all for these two weeks!

Knee feeling a bit better. Got a sports massage and was pretty good. Guy was also a physio and gave me some exercises to do. I have been in the gym working out every leg muscle I can without flaring up my knee.
Ryan from Adelaide, South Australia
23/11/2020 - Right knee arthroscopy: Fat pad impingement trimmed and minor chondral breakdown tidied up