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Author Topic: Grade II MCL tear on MRI 6 weeks out, ROM slow to come back  (Read 322 times)

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Grade II MCL tear on MRI 6 weeks out, ROM slow to come back
« on: January 10, 2021, 09:19:54 PM »
Hey all. This incredibly slow to heal injury is really starting to get to me as I'm now 9 weeks out from injury and still no realistic sign of when I can get back to activity.

I can tell the MCL is getting stronger, but my extension is just not really coming back at all. About 2 weeks out, I had almost full extension, but then I was put in a brace/told to rest after finally going to a doctor.

Since then, my extension degraded significantly and just isn't really coming back. A week ago I started measuring the gap between my knee and the floor and it's gotten mildly better at best. The worst part, is I sometimes can get it comfortably further extended by doing exercises and then when I wake up, it's back to square one again and I have to work to get any progressed range of motion back again. This seems highly unusual from everything I've seen. All my pain is on the MCL side.

Really, any and all advice or encouragement is welcome because this is starting to make me seriously depressed.

UPDATE: I wanted to provide an update to someone who may be in my position in the future. I went in for a second opinion and I'm so glad I did. Turns out the scar tissue had healed too tightly causing the ROM issues. I had a minor procedure called a knee manipulation where they put me under and bent my knee into full ROM to help break it up. This was incredibly helpful. I had to work hard through pain to get that last bit of ROM, but I'm now back snowboarding. Soccer is iffy (more side to side motion) as there's still quite a bit of weakness on my MCL side from not using it for almost 3 months. Still in PT, but I am finally seeing progress.
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