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Author Topic: Patellar fracture tips welcome  (Read 76 times)

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Patellar fracture tips welcome
« on: January 03, 2021, 03:40:58 AM »
I have been glued to kneeguru forum threads since I fractured my patellar (big crash, wet concrete) ten weeks ago, mid October 2020.  Smashed it in to six pieces along with tears to each ligament.  Surgery with K-wire etc and lots of internal stitching to the ligaments. This accident was really crappy as 12 months prior I had fractured my tibia (non displaced) after falling down a bank on to rocks, also wrecking my shoulder.  I must have really pissed off the Gods in another life to have two injuries within such a short period of time ha ha!  With that injury I worked around the clock to get back to my best self.  I am 65 years old and have enjoyed an active life - 35 years of yoga, hiking, swimming, walking.  I wasn't going to let age stop me and had just returned to full ROM and extension with a load of hard work and was thrilled.  Could do everything in yoga I had previously done, the only noticeable problem was not quite being able to cross the injured leg so the knee touched the floor as I had previously been able to.  All other functions returned, stairs were no problem, long hikes became normal.  A little stiffness in the knee now and again but really quite minimal. To return to square one with an injury that is 100x worse as far as pain and recovery go was so disappointing.  However I am in for the long haul now and again, back to the cliff face to begin the journey again.  This one is way harder and more complex than the first.  I have read threads going back as far as 2003/2004 and each person's experience and journey has been so interesting and inspiring.  I cant wait to have my hardware removed as it is not an enjoyable experience having it in my body.  Those who have had issues with knee hardware will understand.  I feel it is stopping me attain any sort of ROM gains, the screws stick out, I can feel it move and push against the top of my knee. The OS will probably do this around the 10/12 month mark as it seems my bones are healing well.  My question is to those who are maybe two, five or even ten years down the track with hardware removal.  What has been your experience?  Did it help with ROM?  Did scar tissue improve or get worse?  Have you needed to have a full knee replacement?  Any other surgeries to correct problems?  It would be interesting to know what is ahead of me for the future.  My diet is really good - I am doing lots of bone building type foods - bone broths, lots of oily fish, nuts, legumes, seeds, raw and cooked vegetables in bulk, calcium, collagen and some other supplements so I am really hoping I can have a non-arthritic journey with this knee in to my 'older' age!  Any other tips on how to prevent this happening would be helpful.  One thing I have found with both my tibia and patellar fracture is that as soon as I was able I began as much yoga as I could with the whilst wearing an immobilizer.  I am still wearing one now at ten weeks and find dog pose has helped my extension immensely.  I try and stay in the pose for as long as I can, lifting the hamstrings and doing quad stretches as far as pain allows. I do it whenever I think about it and it is also marvellous for stretching out the body which of course cops such a lot of aches and pains when you are favouring one leg.  Feeling positive most days, flat some days.  Which is normal I guess. Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to reply and thanks to all those who have posted in the past. Your comments have helped me immensely with this horrible injury.  Grateful.