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Author Topic: Baker's Cyst - My Story and Questions  (Read 18018 times)

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Baker's Cyst - My Story and Questions
« on: September 18, 2007, 01:34:43 PM »
Hi All,

Just two days ago in the kitchen while sauteing a fillet of trout, I realised that I had a tight bump behind my knee. I went to the GP after a sleepless night and he diagnosed me with a Baker's Cyst - GREAT!

I am a 32 year old man, with a family history of athritis but I do take care of myself; I'm not overweight, have a VERY health lifestyle and exersizefor up to an hour every day - running.

Here are my questions:

-Will the cyst dissapear on its own without surgery if I rest my legs?
-How long will it take to go away?
-Can I still exersize with the cycst present?
-Should I switch from running to cycling?
-Can taking Glucosamine Sulphate be part the cause of the cyst?

I am the type of person who is a little addicted to regular exersize and will be devistated if I cannot be active. Please help? :-\


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Re: Baker's Cyst - My Story and Questions
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2008, 06:24:45 AM »
Hi Daniel, welcome to the site. Someone else posted this link to explain the cyst.

After you read this, I would say running is not the best thing for the knee. I've had a bakers cyst myself. It kinda comes and goes.

Think about the pounding your knee takes with the impact of running. And you can see how that cyst can get bigger.
By all means give biking and swimming a try.
Rollerblading, and in my climate, cross country skiing is low impact and an excellent workout. I suppose it all depends where your joints are wearing out that will dictate how you exercise.
The skating or skiing may not be for you.
I'd ask an Orthopedic your other concerns. But I wouldn't think Glucosamine would be an issue.

Hope this helps you. Ron
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