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Author Topic: Dislocation Anxiety & Questions  (Read 1235 times)

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Dislocation Anxiety & Questions
« on: November 11, 2020, 11:03:04 PM »
Hi! Iím brand new here and Iím feeling a little overwhelmed, Iíve searched for forums but it took me ages to find here that actually seemed to be able to help.

On the 1st November I dislocated my right kneecap for the second time - the last time in 2016. Iím only 22, and Iím feeling super lost and anxious. Last time was a sports injury and I thought that was it, spent four years starting to feel comfortable and okay about my knees again, gaining confidence, only for it to happen again and this time seemingly out of nowhere (I think I turned funny sitting down on my bed)
Iím having major anxiety about it all over again. Whether or not itís going to happen again, if itís an underlying issue (drs didnít seem to think so, X-rays were fine, no ligament damage either time) or if itís just a freak coincidence it happened again.  I feel like Iím back to square one and this Ďtell my kids about the time I dislocated my kneeí story feels like itís turned into a lifelong issue.

Not to mention Covid, so I had to wait 3 hours for an ambulance this time -  my knee didnít go back itself - have paramedics try to put it back in and what felt like the worst pain Iíve ever even imagined, and go to hospital alone and such. Itís all been a rather traumatic experience. At the same time I feel like Iím being dramatic.

Iíve had a phone all physio appt a week after I did it, and itíll be a few weeks before I have one at the hospital. It feels like recovery is taking longer this tjen, Iíve only just started to get about without the cricket splint on, still with crutches, and Iím too scared to sleep without it still even though I probably should start soon. It just feels much more overwhelming this time - I had my splint off on day 6 by the fracture clinic when I did it the first time, and I never had any physiotherapy.

I donít know what Iím asking or looking for with this post, just some advice, I guess? Iím not even sure if Iím in the right forum catagory &#129325; just something to talk about, I feel very alone in this.
Thank you  :)
Jess ♥️
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Re: Dislocation Anxiety & Questions
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 12:11:01 AM »

You aren't alone! I've just discovered this forum today so I'm also a newbie. I dislocated my knee a couple years ago, then dislocated and fractured it back in June. Just like you it was really traumatic, had to wait hours for the ambulance, then hours over several days in the hospital to find out it was fractured. Then I had surgery to remove some of the fragments. I was really nervous when I left and was terrified of it dislocating again even in the leg brace. I was especially worried because when I dislocated my leg the second time all I had been doing was a lunge. I'm now on month six of recovery, without the leg brace and don't need crutches in most situations. The best way I've dealt with the anxiety is really making an effort to focus on my physio exercises and recovery. I've suffered with severe anxiety prior to my accident so I was worried I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, but now that I've built up more strength, I've gained a lot more confidence that my leg wont give up from under me. Looking after your body physically so that you can physically see your quads getting stronger will do wonders for your mind. I'm also young (20) and I was worried that I would be stuck with a bad knee forever, but remember that age is on our side and cartilage should be able to rebuild. Trust in the rehabilitation process as best as you can and make sure any time you see a doctor/physio for it you have a list of questions written down that you can get answered. Helps with the uncertainty. Give me a message if you want! Best wishes