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Author Topic: Knee Pain Suddenly Moving to another location  (Read 168 times)

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Knee Pain Suddenly Moving to another location
« on: November 02, 2020, 10:40:48 AM »

From time to time I get intense pain on the inside of one of my knees. It usually follows a lot of walking or cycling. It hangs around for weeks and then goes and I kind of put up with it. Its been going on for at least 10 years and I am 60.

This time something strange happened.

I am six weeks into the knee pain thing. It keeps me awake at night, sleep with pillow between knees. The slightest touch on the inside of the knee results in pain.

Last week I walked three nights in a row. 4 miles each time. The following day the pain has gone from the inside of my knee but I have an incredibly senstitive/painful area on the outside of my knee cap which has now been there for a couple of days.

Once again I am happy to put up with it but wondered if it provides a clue as to what might be generally wrong with my knee? All suggestions welcome!



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Re: Knee Pain Suddenly Moving to another location
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2020, 11:05:49 AM »
Overuse perhaps, patellofemoral syndrome also know as runners knee.  Or arthritis which has become flared up by over use.
Have you had your knee xrayed or scanned for signs of wear and tear?
Pain at night is common in an arthritic knee

Good info in the primers on arthritis, overuse injuries, patella etc
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