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Author Topic: Anyone with success in Meniscus Implants?  (Read 848 times)

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Anyone with success in Meniscus Implants?
« on: September 21, 2020, 09:53:11 AM »
Hi everyone,

Back in 2017, I had ACL reconstruction with medial meniscus repair (bucket handle tear with locked knee: surgery was mandatory) at HSS.  Everything was going great up until 8 months post-op.  I was feeling great and decided to jog on concrete for 10 miles and started to feel pain from that day.  Definitely regretted that run but it just accelerated inevitable.  Went back to another surgeon at HSS who had Novostitch as a resource and got scheduled for surgery back in May 2020.  During the surgery, doc estimated 70% removal of medial meniscus.  I rehabbed aggressively and conservatively but I have not had any progress to where I can start running on turf.  I want to play soccer again but I am afraid that it would be better to give it up to prolong the onset of OA.  If you have any tips or suggestions, I would appreciate if you can share them.  Recently, I started to look into implants CMI, Actifit, NuSurface, and MAT but none of them do well with return to sports.  Anyone who had any implants and were able to return to sports?

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Re: Anyone with success in Meniscus Implants?
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2020, 11:25:40 AM »
There’s a really good webinar around meniscus transplantation which you might find of interest
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Came off bike onto concrete 9/9/09 (lat meniscus, lat condyle defect)
LK scopes 8/2/10 & 16/12/10
RK scope 5/2/15 (menisectomy, Hoffa’s fat pad trim)
LK scope 10.1.19 medial meniscectomy, trochlea MFX
LK scope 19.4.21 MFX to both condyles & trochlea, patella cartilage shaved, viscoseal, depo-medrone